We’ve been hard at ‘work’ soaring on swings, roaring down slides and swinging across monkey bars from downtown to Escondido to determine our top 10 favorite playgrounds––and what we discovered are play structures that go way above and beyond the standard issue jungle gym: a gigantic bunch of grapes clustered around a tunnel slide, a caterpillar to climb and a four-seater sit & spin are just a few playtime gems we gave a whirl. Scroll through our slideshow to get the 4-1-1 on our favorite parks and playgrounds in San Diego.

Cottonwood Creek Park

This creek-themed park will remind you of when you were a kid. Encourage your littles to explore the manmade creek that flows down the middle of the playground. They can set up a dam, float a boat and build sand castles with moats. School-aged kids love the challenge of climbing the giant boulder on the playground. Another kid fave is the stand-and-spin. There are bathrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts a giant play structure and plenty of grass to play on.

95 N. Vulcan Ave.
Encinitas, Ca

photo: Julie G. via Yelp

Where’s your favorite playground in San Diego? Let us know in the comments.

—Nikki Walsh