The New Children’s Museum


“The New Children’s Museum is a new model of children’s museum whose mission is to stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art.

The Museum offers opportunities for children of all ages to experience the arts in ways that are meaningful to them, whether it’s an energetic romp through the climbing structures, a thoughtful sculpting of a clay figure during a day visit, or recurring participation in camps, workshops and other in-depth programming.

The New Children’s Museum empowers children to think, play and create through participatory exhibitions, engaging art-making activities, captivating artistic performances and in-depth educational opportunities. Serving all ages, from toddler to teen, the Museum brings families together in a rich educational environment that fosters creativity—blending elements of art museum and children’s museum.

We commission art pieces directly from leading contemporary artists rather than reinterpreting existing works of art or applying an artistic element to a hands-on children’s activity. By asking artists to create pieces with tactile, physical and participatory components, the Museum opens a world of art to children through opportunities to observe and create.”


The New Children’s Museum
200 West Island Avenue
San Diego, Ca 92101
Phone: 619-233-8791
Online: thinkplaycreate.org
Facebook: facebook.com/newchildrensmuseum
Twitter: twitter.com/iheartncm
Instagram: instagram.com/thenewchildrensmuseum