Granny and gramps are coming to visit and you’d like to plan some multigenerational outings. It’s likely they’ve had a long trip and something that’s accommodating to them is ideal. Read on for five grandparent appropriate activities that will please even the youngest generation.


Photo: Jeannette Swanson

Talk a Short Walk
Not all of our grandparents live as close to the water as we do and so a short walk on Mission Bay will share one of our favorite locations. Mission Bay stretches on a good distance, but even the shortest of walks will provide just the right amount of bay breeze and panoramic views for mawmaw and pawpaw to index until their next visit. Another worthy walk would be around the beautifully preserved Victorian homes at Heritage County Park. Your grandparents are likely to enjoy a bit of history on their trip and this wheelchair accessible area is a historical site that should be explored more by our visiting families.


Photo: Port of San Diego via Flickr

Hornblower Cruise
Taking a harbor cruise is a win-win outing for visitors, especially grandparents. Your nifty-over-fifty family members get a spectacular view of downtown without having to actually traipse down the streets. Go to the window or on the top deck and play a game or two of I Spy before your meal is served. To make this even easier on them, drop them off at the loading area while you look for parking.

970 N. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, Ca


Photo: lori05871 via Flickr

San Diego Zoo
Tour the zoo by wheel. Visiting families are usually interested in seeing San Diego landmarks and the San Diego Zoo most certainly holds landmark status. Give their feet a rest and plan to tour this landmark by bus. The guide will feed them all the information they might ever want to know about the zoo’s inhabitants. If you’re a member you might even have a coupon for the bus that will allot more money for the gift shop on the way out.

The zoo is accommodating to those whose steps are taken with more care and so wheelchairs and available for rent for $12. While wheelchairs are available, inventory is limited and not always guaranteed, so they have shuttles buzzing around for those in need of an escort to the next exhibit. On the note of exhibits, check out the cheetahs that have been paired with canines for companionship as part of the Animal Ambassador program.

2920 Zoo Dr.
San Diego, Ca


Photo: Aaron Fulkerson via Flickr

Liberty Station
Spend the day at a site that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Give them a memorable dining experience at Corvette Diner where the milk shakes are flowing and the doo-wop is sifting through the speakers. The restaurant is unique to San Diego and California and the classic cars and retro booths will surely give Gram and Gramps something to tell the folks about back home. Afterwards, roam the halls and stop in at Point Loma Tea where they can purchase a blooming tea ball and the playground where little feet can play and nana and pops can look above and be amazed at how low the airplanes appear during take off.

2640 Historic Decatur Rd.
San Diego, Ca


Photo: Jeannette Swanson

Indoor Play Centers
Your favorite indoor play centers like Kid Ventures, FUNbelievable or Play Town are ideal spots for visiting grandparents. Here your little ones can play to their hearts content while gramps and gran are under no pressure to draw up ways to play. The stage is already set for meaningful interaction and you can step in if you sense your parents are growing tired. An extra bonus are the seating areas and food and drinks that are available at most of these centers. These accommodations will allow them to recharge before they resume to playing pretend with the younger generation.

Bonus: Read our insider’s guide to Kid Ventures here.

What other destinations should we add to our list? What do you plan to do with Grandparents this holiday season? Share the love in the comment section below!

— Jeannette Swanson