Winter’s on the horizon of melting away and the summer heat hasn’t yet set in, which makes spring one of the best times of year to head outdoors and throw a party. From exploring creepy crawly bugs to taking a trip over the rainbow, these spectacular spring birthday party ideas are sure to be a hit with your guests (small and tall).

spring-parties-garden-teaphoto: Kelle Hampton

1. Pinkies Up! Party
Tea parties are always fun, but when you throw one in a blooming spring garden it’s even more magical. Hit up the thrift shop for real teacups you won’t mind getting chipped, dish up delicious desserts and cookies, and play dress up.

spring-parties-pineapplephoto: Bashery and Co.

2. Pineapple Party People
Spring time and parties go together like pineapples and flamingoes, so why not throw a fest with a little tropical flavor? Get inspired by Bashery and Co’s punch of silliness and pop of color for a whimsical celebration that will have guests of all ages feeling like they’re dancing on the beach. Psst! Piña coladas for the grown-ups table will definitely earn you party points.

spring-parties-insectsphoto: Events by Taryn via Kara’s Party Ideas

3. Bug Out Bash
Bug out with the tiny critters that are buzzing in your garden. Little explorers will love a creepy crawly celebration complete with gummy worms and ants on a log. Check out this Events by Taryn party for some creature-filled ideas.

spring-parties-fashion-zoophoto: courtesy Art de Fête

4. Stylish Shindig
Celebrate your mini fashionista with a storybook-inspired party infused with wild fashion flair, like this party from Art de Fête based on Mitford at the Fashion Zoo. From a personalized step and repeat (guests can get paparazzi pics taken) to animal-inspired face painting, the little people on your VIP list will have a fashion-filled blast.

spring-parties-dr-suessphoto: The Creative Orchard

5. A Seussical Celebration
Dish up green eggs and ham and throw a Seuss-tastic celebration. Any Seuss classic makes a perfect party theme, but for spring what could be more fitting than the earth-friendly Lorax? Get crafty with colorful tissue paper Truffula trees, and give your guests fuzzy Lorax-style mustaches to wear. For more ideas check out The Creative Orchard’s Breakfast With The Lorax party.

spring-parties-messy-artphoto: Anne Fitten Glenn via flickr

6. Art’s a Blast
Art parties are awesome, but having one indoors is absolutely not. Spring time means it’s finally warm enough to go outside and make a mess. Set up easels and art supplies in your yard where you can let the kids get creative without having to worry about paint splatter. For more messy ideas click here.

spring-parties-hoedownphoto: Rocket Mommy

7. Spring Hoedown
Spring is an exciting time on any farm. Decorate your barnyard bash with hay bales and bandana prints. Celebrate your little cowpoke with hats, a rope toss game, and these awesome DIY stick horses from Rocket Mommy. Need more ideas? Check out our favorite farm-themed party games here.

spring-parties-peter-rabbitphoto: The Delaney Family Blog

8. A Very Bunny Birthday
Book and bunny lovers unite over this classic kids tale that makes a perfect spring birthday theme. Fill your food spread with veggies, fruits, and these almost too cute to eat garden patch cupcakes from The Delaney Family Blog. Play pin the tail on the bunny and decorate flower pots to take home with a packet of seeds.

spring-parties-fiestaphoto: Happy Mess MOMents

9. Fiesta!
Go bold and colorful with a Mexican-themed celebration. Hang a piñata, shake some maracas, and set up a build-your-own nachos bar. For more festive ideas check out Happy Mess MOMents’ first birthday fiesta.

spring-parties-flowersphoto: Bashery and Co.

10. Florals and Fortunes
Celebrate your tiny free spirit with a floral fête sure to bring good fortune for the year ahead. Set up drape-y tents or tepees in the yard, and decorate with colorful pillows to sit on like these from Bashery and Co. Make your guests flower crowns with spring blooms, and serve up chocolate dipped fortune cookies for a tasty and prophetic treat.

spring-parties-petting-zoophoto: courtesy Blair Photography

11. Please Touch the Animals
The only thing cuter than all the young spring chicks and lambs making an appearance is your own little birthday bunny’s face as she’s surrounded by animals to pet and love. Find a local petting zoo to host your bash and serve up animal crackers alongside fresh veggies to feed the live bunnies and guinea pigs.

spring-parties-picnicphoto: courtesy Amie Bell Photography

12. Plan a Picnic
Pack up your baskets and head outside for a spring picnic. Skip the tables and spread colorful blankets around your yard. Play picnic games, like sack races, eat sandwiches, and use mini baskets brimming with treats as party favors. Find out favorite ideas by clicking here.

spring-parties-rainbowphoto: Courtney Walker via flickr

13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What goes better with spring showers than colorful rainbows? Deck it out in rainbow balloons and streamers and plan a pot of gold treasure hunt. The real gem is sure to be the luscious rainbow layered cake.

spring-parties-circusphoto: Everyday Beauty 

14. Party Under the Bigtop
Parenting sometimes feels like a three-ring circus so why not have a little fun with it and transform your backyard into a bigtop. Pop some popcorn, transform plain party hats into clown hats like these from Everyday Beauty and celebrate the main event with a circus theme. For more awesome ideas click here.

spring-parties-plantingphoto: Alison Benbow via flickr

15. A Party They’ll Totally Dig
Throw on a few gardening hats and let your guests get their hands dirty with a planting party in your backyard. Have the kids decorate pots and fill them with dirt and seeds and serve up garden-fresh fruits and veggies. Give sets of tot-sized gardening tools as take home favors.

What other themes have you thought up for your spring babe’s birthday? Share them in the comments below!

—Shahrzad Warkentin