We know how it goes: mom and dad do all that sneaky Santa stuff but forget to fill their own stockings. You wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s that look on your kiddos face when they think Santa might have forgotten you that really gets to you.  Which is why you are going to do a great service to your own children and indulge in a few items that will fit perfectly in your very own stocking. We don’t want to ruin Christmas for the kiddos, now do we? Scroll down to see them all.

photo: SmartHalo

Indulge in Commuter Safety with SmartHalo

Not your average gadget, this little device is a bike light, fitness tracker, navigator and alarm all in one. It’s lightweight and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, which recognizes you and your device when you are near. The light is mega-bright, which means more visibility, especially in the dark winter commute. The light senses when it’s dark and comes on automatically (when device is on). There’s a super loud alarm that will ward off would-be thieves and it will help you navigate a route by lighting up a “turn signal” to direct you (no more pulling out your phone while riding!). There’s even a blue dot that lights up to let you know if you’ve got an incoming call. If you’ve got a regular bike commuter in your life, this is one magical gift! $149

Buy it at smarthalo.bike


The Good Addiction: Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask

Keep winter skin woes at bay and indulge yourself in Amala's Hydrating Yogurt Mask, which leaves skin butter soft and smooth. The luxe jasmine scent will (almost) make you wish your skin was dryer so you could use it more often, but 2-3 times per week is more than enough to see results. Macadamia nut, rose hip and jasmine all help restore skin's natural texture and improve cell regeneration. We also love Amala's Hydrating Cream Cleanser ($58). PS: Your MIL will love this, too!! 

Mask, $64

Available at amala.com 

photo: Formia Designs

The Ultimate Keepsake: Formia Designs Pendant

You know that one drawing, the one that makes your heart absolutely melt? The one you've been meaning to frame—precious rocket-ship-stick-figures and all? Take it to a new level by turning it into chic jewelry you will want to wear every day, forever. Created by artist and mom Mia van Beek, order by Dec. 20 to get it in time for Christmas. You just scan an image, select your jewelry—necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are all options, but there are also bookmarks, money clips, keychains and more on the site—and your custom piece is created. You will be contacted within 24 hours of sending your scan and placing your order. These are custom, heirloom-quality gifts that are perfect for grandparents, too. 

Prices range from $99 and up 

Shop them all at formiadesign.com

photo: Precidio Desigsn

Hip to Be Square: Kafé in the Box

Just launched at the end of Nov., 2017, be the first to take your coffee or tea to new to-go heights with this sleek new travel mug from Precidio Design. It’s double-walled insulation, super tough, fits all standard cupholders, has a splash proof lid (yay!), and is BPA, BPS and Phthalate-free. It comes in Smartphone-coordinating colors, too, but our favorite is the copper. $15.99

Buy it now

photo: RunLites

Your New Favorite Accessory: RunLites

Invented by an avid runner and working mother of three, Mary Tiffin created RunLites gloves and mittens because (like so many parents) she did most of her running and exercising at night and was frustrated by inefficient flashlights and headlamps. These gloves with built-in, rechargeable LED lights are comfortable, easy-to-wear and perfect for illuminating your path as you need it (and are also killer for helping you find stuff in the bottom of your giant purse). They are easy to spot and increase visibility dramatically, have a small pocket to stash a key or a little latte money and come in full glove and fingerless models. $24.95 and up Buy them at gorunlites.com

photo: MonasteryMade

The Winter Skin Solution: Yuzu Body Butter

This body butter scent—ginger and yuzu with earth tones—is attractive for mom or dad. It’s aloe-vera based so it’s non-greasy but super soothing for dry winter skin. We're not saying you shouldn't share it, but you might want to think about more than one jar.  $32 Get yours at monasterymade.com

photo: CaptainBlankenship

Practical Cleansing for Busy Parents: New Moon Smokeless Smudge Spray

What family couldn’t use a little space clearing once in awhile? Skip the smokey smudge sticks and stick to this room spray that features wild harvested Palo Santo and White Sage as well as bright grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils. Spray your room, your car or your  body. It’s like good vibes in a bottle. $20 Get yours at captainblankenship.com

photo: Keyport

The All-in-One You’ve Been Waiting For: Keyport Pivot

A pocket-sized gadget that does just about everything a Swiss Army Knife does, and more! It’s part key organizer, part multi-tool and has it’s own tracking device so you will never lose your keys again. There is also a USB memory stick, a pocket knife, and a flashlight—and it all fits in the palm of your hand! $19.99 Get yours at mykeyport.com 

photo: MeowMeowTweet

Because You Want To: Meow Meow Tweet Body Scrub

How did Santa know that you are just dying to take a long luxurious bath or steamy shower with an invigorating scrub? He just knows you so well! And the smell of these Sweet Orange Papaya salts will have you thinking of happy days ahead, indeed. $32 Shop at meowmeowtweet.com

photo: TWELVELittle

Organize Yourself with a Striped Bag Trio from TWELVELittle

Little bags to organize everything in purses and diaper bags? Yes, please. Treat yourself (we promise you can squeeze them in your stocking) with a simple little trio of chic bags that will be used again and again.A removable handle keeps all three pouches together, but they can be used separately. The medium-sized pouch is fully insulated, too! $39

Buy yours at twelvelitte.com

Lip Service: Radiant Trio from Babo Botanicals

This new Radiant Trio from Babo Botanicals is a perfect little stocking stuffer for mom! There are three shades: Seka Rose, Wild Rose and Beach Rose, and all of them are sheer enough for everyday wear. The lip tints are also broad spectrum SPF 15 (100% mineral active) and are made with natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, avocado and sunflower oil. Your lips will thank you! $19.99. Order your own set here.

Will you be sneaking any treats into your own stocking this year? Tell us your favorites! 

—Amber Guetebier & Gabby Cullen

featured photo: Drew Coffman via Unsplash