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While hiking with my baby in a backpack-carrier, I became frustrated because his shoes kept falling off, his pant legs rode up and his legs were exposed to the cold…  That’s when I decided a bootie was needed to keep babies’ feet warm, easy to get on, and stay on!

Stonz was born in 2004 with a mission to provide high-quality outdoor gear for families wanting to keep active with their kids. Stonz products are now sold all over the world:

  • Original soft-soled baby booties, ideal for babies in strollers and carriers
  • New toddler booties with a waterproof, recyclable and slip-resistant sole!  Perfect for walkers.
  • Over-arm and easy-on waterproof infant & youth mitts, lined with Thinsulate to keep little hands warm.
  • Stylish natural-rubber rainboots; free of phthalates, lead, formaldehyde and PVC.
  • Extremely lightweight and slip-resistant winter boots, with a temperature rating of up to -50C/-58F. Perfect for playing in the snow or playground!

We love growing with families. New parents buy Stonz baby booties for their newborns and as their family grows, Stonz are passed down to new siblings. As kids grow they move into other Stonz products.

One of our biggest thrills is seeing little ones outside longer because they’re wearing Stonz!


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