While we all love arts and crafts time (the masterpieces hanging on our refrigerator are good indications of that) the mess left by our Picassos in-training are anything but pretty. Drawer full of smashed crayons? Been there. Glitter everywhere? Been there, too.

There are always ways to mind the madness, and maybe even create a little sense of awesome at home. Friends of all ages will be wowed by these clever, simple solutions.

Mason Jar Magicmasonjarcrayon_littlelucylu_becJust when those handy dandy jelly jars seemed to be the solution to every party planning problem, think again! The uses for grandma’s canning and jamming containers are endless. These classic see-through gems are perfect for storing crafts for all creative minds, including crayons, stickers, buttons and more. Want to make a super statement? Use sticky washi tape(reusable rice paper masking tape) like Little Lucy Lu mom Bec and add a dynamic splash of color.

A Recipe for Imaginationretrorecipe_esty_have_merciMetal boxes were all the rage back when plastic hadn’t made its move to the center of the universe. Amp up the awesomeness at home with a retro recipe or crayon box. Where does one find such a treasure? The flea markets perhaps, or even better, from Etsy vintage collector/seller Have Merci.

A Clear Solutionclearholder_abowlfulloflemonsGet a clear idea of what supplies the kiddos have at their disposal. Not only is it a visual treat but also saves time when trying to find that exact color pencil or pen. From mama and organizing guru Toni Hammersley at A Bowl Full of Lemons comes an easy fix. Just head to the closest home organizing shop and pick up a shoe divider. Adding labels and colorful background prints only enhances the charm factor.

Buckets of JoyIMG_5810Buckets, oh buckets of joy! These handy guys aren’t just for making sand castles anymore, but rather, are perfect for storing all kinds of goodies. Old school or cartoon prints make for an especially cute way to keep things on the straight and narrow, including mega chalk, glue, playdoh and more.

The Whole Kit and CaboodleIMG_5818
Any child of the 80’s will remember, or still have, a classic Caboodle. Drag an old one out of the dust or buy a newly designed style at big box stores such as Target or Walmart. Not just for makeup and hair gear anymore, the glam-like train cases can hold quite the collection, but the classic boxes in fun colors are still where it’s at. Kit up the kids with these catch-alls, it’s practically perfect for traveling. With layers of trays, displaying the tools for imaginative production has never been so easy and the super solid latch will ensure not one bit goes missing.

DIY Through and Throughanawhite_crafttableFrom Ana White, mama and mistress of everything DIY comes a super cool and clearly covetable table with space for everything future Picassos might need when creating their crafts. With complete instructions on how to construct the table from the ground up, parents will be able to see straight to the source of storage and the kids will get a kick out of knowing it’s all in one space.

Have Crayons, Will Travelhuggies_crayons_BrookeRuckerEver wonder what to do with the leftover travel sized baby wipe containers? Try loading em’ up with crayons for a road trip. The perfect size, kids can keep all the colors together in one handy place and better yet, parents will be keeping at least one more plastic part out of the landfills.

Muffin Tin Maniamuffintin_spoonful.comWhere’s the magic in a simple muffin tin? Why, magnets of course! Simply pick up some magnetic sheeting from the local crafts store, apply to bottom for support and little fingers have easy access to every tool needed to finish that masterpiece for the fridge or the grandparents. Check out this awesome solution from Spoonful.com

Roll em’ Up!

lindapruitt_crayonerollupcarrierCheck out these super duper adorable handmade crayon carriers from Etsy designer Linda Pruitt Like a professional artist, your kids will get a kick out of unrolling their selection and displaying the colorful options. There are several printed styles, one cuter than the next.

What are your storage solutions for arts and crafts time?

–Gabrielle Cullen

Photos courtesy of Gabrielle Cullen, Bec via Littlelucylu.com, Toni Hammersley via Pinterest, Ana White, Kara Owens via Pinterest, Spoonful.com, and Linda Pruitt via Etsy