Label It, Don’t Lose It

You know how it is, when you’re about to rush out the door and you hear a little voice bleating that today is swimming carnival/dress like a pirate day. How do you ensure that those hastily-assembled goods make it back home at the end of the day?

This is where this handy personalization pack comes in. The Clothing Stamps are ideal for the last-minute labeling of light-colored clothes. At the flick of your wrist, quickly and efficiently label those school shirts, hats and swimmers. For darker-colored clothing, iron the blank labels onto the desired garments, wait for them to cool down, then apply the Clothing Stamp on the labels.

The Stuck On You Clothing Name Stamp Pack is the ultimate on-the-fly labelling solution!

The pack includes;

12 x Blank Iron On Labels which are washing machine and dryer safe.

1 x Clothing Name Stamp with your choice of name and/or graphic icon

1 x Black fabric ink Clothing Name Stamp Pad which is acid-free, non-toxic, instant drying, long lasting & waterproof

1 x Handy felt bag to keep your pack together

For a limited time we’re offering $5 discount on this awesome pack! Use the code: REDTRI18 at checkout.


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