Ready to have the ultimate adventure at LEGOLAND with your little minifigs? The theme park is really stacking up the fun for families! From the brand new LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride to sleeping like a king in the Castle Hotel, scroll down to see what’s hot this summer at LEGOLAND––where everything really is awesome!

LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride

Take the plunge into LEGOLAND California's single largest investment for any ride in the Park's history: the new submarine ride LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure! Climb aboard and get ready to dive deep into a 300,000 gallon underwater world that's teeming with over 2,000 live sea animals including Blacktip Reef sharks, stingrays and fish. Passengers can use touchscreens stationed at the sub's portholes to assist the LEGO minifigure dive team in an interactive treasure hunt to identify gems, pearls and LEGO gold coins during the ride's four-minute long journey!


photo: Beth Shea

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

Hear ye, hear ye all young royals! The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel recently opened and it's fit for a king. With three room themes to choose from: Royal Princess, Knights and Dragons and Magic Wizard, as well as an expansive outdoor play area and swimming pool, a delicious Dragon's Den restaurant and more charming details than you can wave a wand at, a stay at this small kingdom is simply a must for any LEGO lover.

Read our full review of LEGOLAND Castle Hotel here.

photo: Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND

Sea at Night

There are now even more reasons to visit SEA LIFE® Aquarium at LEGOLAND. At the Sea at Night, kids can splash around in the ocean while staying completely dry––no swimsuit required! They'll learn about marine life as they jump and leap into virtual bioluminescent waves that move based on their footsteps. The canopy of shining stars combined with the glowing tide make this a truly magical experience.

photo: Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND

Shark Mission

Is your little marine biologist ready to come face to face with a Great White shark, a black tip shark, a giant manta ray and a hammerhead shark? Not to worry, there's no shark cage or scuba gear required. SEA LIFE® Aquarium's Shark Mission exhibit gives kids the opportunity to view six species of sharks and rays on three giant touch screens. They can interact with the images to get 360 degree views of the marine life and learn facts like how many teeth a Great White has. They'll also get to dive into learning about shark's skin and eggs and climb into a shark cage and hold a shark's tooth!

photo: Beth Shea

Prevent Summer Brain Drain

What better way to stave off that summer slide than with an inspired visit to LEGOLAND? Keep those thinking caps screwed tightly on your little minifigs and read our guide to preventing summer brain drain on your next visit to this vibrant theme park. Lessons in engineering, robotics, science, physics and history are all throughout the park for your young Einsteins to discover. Shhh... they won't even know it's an educational outing!

––Beth Shea


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