“Morning hair tangles can be a bad start to the day.  Sleeping on a Hair Fairy Pillowcase prevents hair tangles at night so morning brushing is easier, stress-free and tear-free for kids and parents. Hair Fairy is a natural solution for hair tangles and helps to drastically reduce the amount of detangling sprays and other hair products used. Used by thousands of kids and works on all hair types. Read what parents are saying here.

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Give Hair Fairy as a gift! Packaged in a gift-quality box and includes a special doll named Harriet, Hair Fairy is the perfect gift for birthdays, Easter or anytime. Ages 3 & up.

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Check out our Hair Fairy for Women & Teens too! The perfect solution to prevent dry & frizzy hair, sleep lines and wrinkles.”

-From Eliza Kelly, Hair Fairy Bedding
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