Whether french press or drip coffee is your jam, on a busy weekday morning it’s really about getting caffeine to your bloodstream ASAP. In order to make your early a.m. routine the best it can be, we’ve rounded up seven buzz-worthy subscriptions that do almost everything except brew the coffee (and one that does!). From single-origin offerings to blind tastings and classic choices, read on to find your new cuppa joe.

photo: courtesy Angel’s Cup

The Risk Taker
Do you want to become a coffee hunter? Would you like to develop superpowers? A subscription to Angel’s Cup is the answer. Each week, four new samples arrive at your doorstep; you can conduct blind coffee tastings (this is where those superpowers start to develop) and use the accompanying app (available on iTunes and Android) to make tasting notes and compare findings with the pros. If you’re simply interested in administering caffeine to your system ASAP, this is still a good option. Angel’s Cup never ships the same sample twice, which means you’ll be enjoying some of the freshest beans around. If there’s a sample you don’t like, the one hundred percent refund guarantee and no cost return policy means you’ll get your hard-earned cash back without any stress. 

Why You’ll Love It: The same sample is never shipped twice, which means you’ll be able to taste upwards of 208 different roasts.

Cost: There are two subscription options: The Cupping Flight includes four 1 oz. samples for $9.99, and The Black Box includes four 2.75oz samples for $21.99.

Subscribe at angelscup.com

CraftCoffee_getupandgo_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Craft Coffee

The Best Bang for Your Buck
If you want to try a new and exciting coffee but don’t know where to start, let Craft Coffee do the work. Get started on the website by choosing your normal store-bought beans from a list and they’ll suggest one of their roasters as a comparable choice. You like Major Dickason’s from Peet’s? Try the Streetlight Blend! There’s an option to choose their famous three-coffee sampler (each month, the expert tasting panel evaluates over 50 coffees and each month, only three make their way to your pot), which will give you four ounces of three similar roasts. There’s no commitment, you can choose your own plan, and shipping is always free. Craft Coffee is also fierce about freshness. They roast their own beans in Brooklyn and ship it off to you within 24-72 hours.

Why You’ll Love It: Craft Coffee has a price match guarantee, which means they’ll match the price of your grocery store beans to the penny.

Cost: Twelve ounce bags start at $8.99, the three-coffee (four oz. bags) sampler is $24.99.

Subscribe at craftcoffee.com

driftawaycoffee_getupandgo_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Driftaway Coffee

The Best First Cup
Talk about customizing your morning cuppa! What makes this service so awesome is that while you may not know the difference between sumatra and arabica just yet, you know you love coffee. Driftaway tailors your subscription to match your palate; the first shipment includes small samples of four different roasts and once you’ve offered feedback, the rest of the shipments will be catered to your taste. The company works with small-batch roasters and adds two new coffees to each coffee profile each month. You can choose between a weekly, bi-weekly or once-a-month shipment and can skip, pause, or cancel at anytime.

Why You’ll Love It: Purists will approve of the fact that Driftaway only sends whole bean coffee (shipped out within 48 hours of roasting).

Cost: 7oz for $12, 11oz for $16 or 32oz for $34.

Subscribe at driftaway.coffee

Counterculturecoffee_getupandgo_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Counter Culture Coffee

The Veteran
Founded in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has been playing at the delivery game for years. They offer single-origin, limited-release and year-round selections, all direct from sustainable farms and cooperatives. They aren’t new the freshness game, either. Any bag that lands on your doorstep is roasted and shipped on the same day. If you just want a bag or two to try, it’s easy to order from the website but a subscription is where you’ll get the best deal, from the cost per ounce to shipping rates. You’ll get an email reminder 10 days before shipment which allows for last minutes changes, you can switch up your delivery options, order date, or quantity at any time and you can cancel at any time.

Why You’ll Love It: Counter Culture offers ever-evolving educational resources (both online and brick and mortar) filled with courses, hands-on experience, and seminars for those who want to learn more about how to get the perfect brew.

Cost: 12oz bags range from $15.75 – $29. Save up to ten percent with a subscription.

Subscribe at counterculturecoffee.com

collectedcoffee_getupandgo_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Collected Coffee

The Newbie
For those looking to explore the world of coffee, Collected Coffee is your passport. Launched in April 2016, the company has already collaborated with renowned roasters such as The Barn (Berlin), White Label (Amsterdam) and La Cabra (Denmark). Founder Lynette Lee is a coffee-lover, art editor and former design consultant, which is evident when you peek at the clean, easy-to-navigate website. Lee personally curates the monthly selection and with every bag you’ll also get a notecard filled with tidbits on origin, roaster, and flavor, alongside a dialed-in brew recipe. Basically, you’ll never brew a bad cup again.

Why You’ll Love It: There’s an online journal chronicling the coffee’s journey from farmer to roaster to your pot, as well as detailed extraction methods and even a shop to purchase the latest brewing accessories.

Cost: 9oz for $25. Pay for months in advance and receive a discount.

Subscribe at collectedcoffee.com

The Coffee Clubphoto: courtesy Bean Box

The Best of the Pacific Northwest
Bean Box works exclusively with 21 small-batch, award-winning Seattle roasters such as Zoka, Slate Coffee Roasters, Herkimer Coffee, and more. There are over 300 different coffees and you’ll choose between the Bean Box, which features four roasts (1.8 oz each), or the Coffee of the Month (12 oz). You’ll receive whole bean coffee (within 48 hours of roasting), tasting notes, roaster profiles, roasting tips, and even a dark chocolate Rip van Wafel cookie. Bean Box also offers great gifts like the world coffee tour (via box), the espresso lover’s sampler, and brewing gear like an aeropress, french presses and bistro mugs.

Why You’ll Love It: Bean Box survives and thrives in the land of Starbucks, so you know these folks are the real deal.

Cost: $60 for three months, $108 for six months, $204 for one year.

Subscribe at beanbox.co

gradyscoldbrew_getupandgo_redtricyclephoto: Grady’s Cold Brew via Facebook

The Latest Trend
Cold brew has taken the coffee world by storm and Grady’s is ahead of the game. Started by three guys who love java, their recipe is a New Orleans-style cold brew made with coffee, chicory and spices. There are several ways to get your Grady’s. You can choose from a pour-and-store pouch, a bean bag can (DIY brew kit) loosies, or a bean bag single; whether you drink it straight, water it down or add milk is up to you.

Why You’ll Love It: You can do so much with cold brew! Be sure to check out the online section with recipes for tasty eats like coffee cake, coffee popsicles, chocolate shakes and more. Yum!

Cost: Bean Bag singles start at $4 each, pour-and-store bags are $30. Subscribe for a discount.

Subscribe at gradyscoldbrew.com

Would you consider a coffee subscription? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

—Gabby Cullen