The days are growing shorter and the night’s longer: all the more reason to seize the moment and explore with your family some of the best fall festivals around the country. From giant pumpkin boat races to skeleton-fests to apple cider galore, we’ve picked our favorite festivals for you to visit in 2017. Click through the gallery to see how many you’ve been to!

Fall Festival of Leaves—Bainbridge, OH

Fall wouldn’t be the same without the changing of the leaves. The natural beauty of the tree-covered hills in southern Ohio are perfect spot to capture the view and since 1968, thousands of folks have gathered for three days of fun. There are four skyline drives to take in the beauty of the leaves: Buckskin Loop, Paint Vista Loop, Pike Lake Loop and Redbush Loop. Kids will love both the live pet show and the stuffed animal pet show (with categories such as largest, smallest, most unusual, most lovable), and the kiddy tractor pull. Adults will love the flea market, tribute bands, 5K run and more.

Dates: Oct. 20-22, 2017


photo: Don O’Brien via flickr


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—Gabby Cullen & Amber Guetebier