The days are growing shorter and the night’s longer: all the more reason to seize the moment and explore with your family some of the best fall festivals around the country. From giant pumpkin boat races to skeleton-fests to apple cider galore, we’ve picked our favorite festivals for you to visit in 2017. Click through the gallery to see how many you’ve been to!

The Festival of Pumpkin Nights—Auburn, CA

New this year, the Gold Country Fairgrounds will glow with Jack-o’-lantern grins for 17 straight days. Immerse yourself in lands such as the Harry Potter-esque Pumpkin Passage; the pirate-infested island of the Rum River Pirates island; they protect their pumpkin-y treasure; Dia de los Muertos where you’ll find a pumpkin mariachi band and sugar skulls hanging overhead and even The Great Pumpkin Reef—think mermaids, bubbles, coral and (of course) pumpkins! There’s also food, beverages, movie screenings, and activities for the whole family.

Dates: Oct. 13-29, 2017


photo courtesy of Pumpkin Nights 



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—Gabby Cullen & Amber Guetebier