It’s a new year, and it’s easy to see that grandma’s holiday pies have taken a toll. But how do you take the first steps toward family fitness? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Flip through our gallery of all-star fashion and fitness gear picks that’ll help moms, dads and kids get back into fighting shape.

Might as Well Jump!

Rope jumping is one of the best fitness activities that most any kid or adult can do to stay fit. While learning the ropes to avoid awkward entanglements can be tricky, a new crop of “ropeless” jump ropes will help even the least coordinated athlete-in-training get his or her jump on. Waygan’s new iRope digital jump rope tracks calories burned, number of jumps completed and even has an alarm to alert jumpers when they’ve hit their targets. For those who are afraid to cut the cord, iRope’s weighted handles can be replaced with a good-old-fashioned rope as well.

Available at, $16.99.


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—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng