You never thought you’d be one of those parents who leashed her child… until you had a runner. Never fear! From old-fashioned safety harnesses to GPS-enabled watches, flip through our slideshow to see eight gadgets and apps designed to stop little Houdinis from disappearing (and how to find them if they do).

Use The Village

Lineable is a silicone wristband tracker that uses Bluetooth technology (no monthly subscription!) to alert parents when kids cross a preset perimeter. But this little locator goes a step further; it uses other Lineable users to keep tabs on kids if they wander out of the main user's Bluetooth range. Of course, it only works if there happens to be other Lineable users nearby, but if enough concerned parents get on board, that whole "it takes a village" motto will do its thing. The best part? It costs only $10.

Available at, $10.

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—Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy retailers