From toddlers saying their sweet goodbyes to cupcake cuties headed for the slammer, our favorite viral videos of 2016 were filled with lots of laughs and a few “awww” moments, too. Scroll down to re-watch your fave, or, see that hashtag-worthy clip for the very first time.


The Cupcake Caper
Does your kiddo have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll adore this screamingly funny video of a dad interorgating his toddler after she took a few cupcakes. Find out more about this cupcake cutie here.

screenshot and video courtesy of Sloane Heffernan via Facebook

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Relationship problems. They can happen to even the youngest of us. Check out this hilarious chat between a five-year-old and her mom, and find out why this little miss had to break her boo’s heart. Get more on this pint-sized heartbreaker here

Easy Rider
We thought we’d seen everything. Then we spotted this video of a kid “driving” his dad home (it’s a remote controlled car!) and got a major case of the giggles. Get the rest of the story here

#Twinning takes on a whole new meaning for this adorable baby. This video captures his sweet reaction to meeting his dad’s twin brother for the first time.

video courtesy of ABC News via Facebook

A Toddler Bids Adieu
Parting is such sweet sorrow. See why this two-year-old’s bittersweet farewell to his grandma totally tickles our funny bones.

 video courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Department via Facebook

Sidewalk Games
Earlier this year, a Huntington Beach police officer hopped his way into our hearts when he played a game of hopscotch with a homeless girl. Watch his moves and find out more here— we think you’ll feel the same.

Spread the Love
More sweet than silly, this 10-year-old captured our hearts and minds with her mission to spread kindness. Find out more about her cause here.

Video:  via Twitter

Miss Sassy Pants
Are you part of the Bey-hive? Well this little girl is all about Queen Bey, and her dance moves to Sorry are pure gold. Watch the video while drinking lemonade for full effect. 

What was your favorite viral video of 2016? Share with us in a comment below!

—Gabby Cullen with Noelle Buckband