Got kids who love games? Get them off whatever mobile device they’re playing and take them to one of these spots, most of which harken back to a time when getting a pixelated frog across a freeway was the pinnacle of gaming success. Whether your’e a pinball pro or a dedicated video gamer, you’ll find something to play at one of these awesome arcade and game museums across the U.S.

American Classic Arcade Museum – Laconia, Nh

Whether you're looking for Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong Jr., chances are you'll find it here. Located on the third floor inside New Hampshire’s Funspot amusement center, the American Classic Arcade Museum is one of the world’s largest collections of vintage arcade games, with more than 250 coin-operated video games (all built before 1987).  The museum even has several of Atari’s original PONG machines, so your little gamers can play like it’s 1972.

Pssst: Can't make it to Laconia, N.H., to spend your quarters? The museum has a few old-school arcade games online, so you can play Frogger. Like, right now.


photo: American Classic Arcade Museum's Facebook page



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—Melissa Heckscher