Suddenly the sunscreen has all but disappeared from the grocery stores aisles, and now it’s being replaced by … Halloween candy? Yep. It’s that time of year. The weather has that autumn chill, everything is pumpkin flavored and the kids are buzzing with costume ideas. Instead of breaking your budget on a store-bought costume, why not reuse what you have at home? With a little crafty inspiration and your child’s imagination, you can create cardboard box costumes that will definitely make for a happy Halloween. Check out our favorite ideas below.

Candy Kids

So sweet! Kind of literally. Hey, the candy in your little one’s pumpkin-shaped caddy aren’t the only treats on Halloween night. Reuse an old box, magically transforming it into a cute candy costume. Head on over to Maydae for the how-to.

photo: courtesy MayDae


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— Erica Loop