Are you ready for summer? Because ready or not, here it comes! While school isn’t out yet, there’s no time like the present to stock up on your summer toys and that includes some new pool floats! Whether you’re looking for fun or function, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest inflatables out there. (Affiliate links included.)

1. GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube Inflatable Float

Take a ride on your favorite magical creature this summer when you buy this GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube, that comes in at a whopping 3 feet tall and 45 inches wide. Fun for everyone, this oversized float is made from thick plastic that will hold up under wear and tear, and comes with a new rapid valve for rapid inflation. Hands down, you'll be the most magical person at the pool this year.

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2. LOL Emoji Pool Float

Kids will flip for this fun emoji float (choose from a variety of expressions). Can you say “”?  

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3. Inflatable Drink Holders

It's summer so that means it's a given to keep cool and hydrated with refreshing drinks. Don't let your drinks get warm by sitting on the hot poolside, bring them in with you! This whimsical pack of inflatable drink holders is perfect for adults and kids, and is made from high-quality plastic that can hold up to a 15-ounce drink. Fun animals like mermaids, crabs and unicorns as well as pineapples and donuts are all part of this amazing pack of holders that the kids can even use in the tub at home.

You can find these amazing drink holders in a 9-pack for just $14.99 on Amazon.

4. Rainbow Cloud Pool Float

Enjoy a little shade when you hang out under the rainbow on this rockin' float. Designed to hold 3 adults, or 600 pounds, you can surely get all the neighborhood kids enjoying this Rainbow Cloud Pool Float in no time. Made with sturdy matte plastic and with rapid valves, you can blow it up using a hand or electric pump, or a hairdryer!

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5. Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Think about all the Instagram photos you can upload with a magical mermaid float to call your own. 

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photo: Amazon

6. Water Plane Ride Float with Water Gun

Who’s the most popular kid in the neighborhood this summer? The one with one (or two) of these awesome floats in their swimming pool.

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7. Hot Dog Battle Pool Floatie

What’s the one thing that can top a chicken fight in the pool? A condiment fight! Kids and adults can battle it our with ketchup and mustard inflatables, on their own hot dog floats.

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8. Inflatable Lounge

Mama needs to relax and this inflatable pool lounge is the perfect way to sit back while the kids play. With over 1300 reviews, the Intex King Kool is an Amazon best seller and is currently only $5 and part of the Add-On program. Need we say more? The fun colors, arm rests and drink holders are just a bonus.

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photo: Amazon

9. Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Float

You probably don’t need to worry about many fires in the swimming pool, but it’s good to know a team of firefighters in on hand just in case.

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10. Inflatable Angel's Wing White Pool Float

Because of its massive size and solid balance, this inflatable float is perfect for all the little angels that hate to get wet.  It will probably fit a whole gospel choir.

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11. Supreme Pizza Slice Pool Float

Why yes, we will take a slice of pizza to eat on our Supreme Pizza Slice pool float, thank you very much. The non-slip material means this giant pool float that comes in at 6 feet long by 4.5 feet wide provides plenty of room for adults and kiddos to enjoy in the pool. Cup holders and a "crust" pillow make it pretty comfy, too.

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12. Gigantic Donut Pool Float

Take a bite out of blistering summer weather by relaxing in this Gigantic Donut Pool Float by BigMouth. Coming in at over 4 feet wide and printed with UV protection properties, you can enjoy this fade-resistant float for years to come. The colorful float can hold up to 200 pounds and is easy to wipe down and keep clean. YUM!

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13. Canopy Island Inflatable

Hand me a drink please, I'll just be over here enjoying myself on this fabulous Canopy Island Inflatable! This pool float comes with a detachable shade, two cup holders and the fanciest looking backrest so far. Keep cool and collected this summer when you're floating around on one of these!

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14. Smarties Pool Noodle Float

How to make a pool party even more fun? Just add candy! The good news is this sweet pool noodle will keep the dentist away. 

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15. Giant Shark Jaws Inflatable Pool Float

You'll never go in the water again… without this awesome float that will scare the goggles off of your little ones.

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16. Suntan Tub Float

Snag a tan without feeling like you're burning up when you use this Suntan Tub Float. You can keep your entire body in the deep design of this float, without hanging off! Fill with water to keep cool, enjoy the removable pillow or just fill like a baby pool like some reviewers did. Either way, it's a great deal for a large float!

You can find this floatie at Amazon!

17. Giant Swan Pool Float

If there was ever a place to ride a giant swan, it's in the pool! Able to hold up to 350 pounds and reaching 3 feet in height, you can pile tons of kiddos on this floatie for a great time. A cute design with a rapid inflation valve means you'll be enjoying the pool in no time, and looking adorable while doing it.

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18. Giant Pineapple Pool Party Float

Be a pineapple and stand tall when you use this fab Giant Pineapple Pool Party Float! Bright colors, whimsical design and a huge size makes this the ultimate in pool floats. This perfectly pineapple float may not come with cup holders, but it's a great way to say "hello summer!"

Start your summer off right with this float from Amazon.

19. Giant Inflatable Pegasus Pool Float

Peggy, as she is known by all her BFFs, has been called, “awesome”, “majestic” and a slew of other superlatives.  The most important thing to know about Peggy is that she comes with “rapid valves” for a quick inflate. Phew!

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20, Taco Pool Float

This float pairs perfectly with a Corona after you’ve dropped the kids off on a playdate at the neighbor’s house.

Grab this float before the summer hits at Amazon!



Who’s going shopping for a pool float, stat? We’d love to hear what you’ll be buying to enjoy the summer in our comments below!

––Karly Wood



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