Once we’re done bingeing our favorites, Netflix can feel like a vast wasteland of scrolling. It has a huge selection of movies, but the genres given are not very specific, and if we’re looking for, say, a romantic movie that also should be quirky or a kids’ movie that’s also based on a book, it feels like it could take forever. But what if you had secret codes to find exactly what you wanted?

Some people fiddling around with Netflix online have found just that. How?

Well, when you open Netflix in your browser, take a look at the number you see on the end of the URL:

That number is the key to finding new custom genres. If you play around with it, you can find movie titles to match your tastes that are more specific than the “subgenres” option.

For example, the number for Period Pieces is 12123, and visually awesome kids movies for ages 5-7 is 2851.

So go ahead and experiment to find your own, or get started with a list already posted online, like this.

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