We are all supermoms!  You there, still in your pajama pants at 2 pm, yes YOU!  That’s right, you are a supermom!  Over there, you at the office, crunching numbers, you at home typing your next post, yes, all of you!  Every one of you are supermoms and you have already accomplished your TO-DO List for the day!

How can this be, you may ask.  Your list has the same ten tasks you have been struggling to squeeze in for the last five months!


Oh no, I’m not talking about that list.  That list will get checked off in due time.  I’m referring to your actual daily list of things to do.  The list you don’t even bother to write down because its engraved in your mind and you understand that if that list is not done, the entire operation will fall apart!

The To-Do List

Your To-Do list is life momma!  Not only are you checking it off at a wicked awesome pace but you are adding more to it and accomplishing it every day.  The list will vary from day to day and depending on what time of the year it is.   Lets think about this for a moment.  I mean really think about what your daily routine consists of.

During the school year your To-Do list is jam packed with school functions, recreational activities for the kids, birthday parties, science projects, homework help, teacher parent conferences and so much more.  There is prepping your kids before school begins.  New clothes, shoes, books, school bag, pencils, binders and more.

Lets not forget the holidays, shopping for gifts and packing, shipping, wrapping and arranging said gifts.  Add a new baby to the mix and you now must factor in child care, check ups, feedings and diaper changes that randomly occur throughout the day.

What you Actually Do List

Now lets get our hands dirty and start including the list we don’t even bother to write down.  The list that makes you the supermom you actually are!

Every AM you awake to a new day and a new list of TO-DO’s.  This To-Do list is accomplished, no matter what and you are the awesome all powerful mom that makes it happen. The morning alarm chimes, another day begins and another list to check off.  Perhaps your wake up call is a clock or a baby cooing for their morning meal.  Either way, you’re up!

Morning Routine

Baby’s needs usually trump your own and your off, shuffling to the crib to change, soothe and feed the little one.  Now that the sweet bundle of joy is happily settled, perhaps you get the chance to brush your teeth.  Quickly you dash to the closet and assemble something that looks somewhat put together and presentable before applying a bit of maquillage.

Alright.  Now your looking like a lady.  Time to get the rest of the herd up and ready for the day!  Sweetly, you nudge the kids and announce its time to wake.  With them roused you rely on the unknown fact that they will ready themselves while you prepare nourishment to energize their day.

Briskly, oatmeal it prepared and fresh fruit diced for topping.  Baby is placed in the high chair with banana slices. With breakfast placed on the table ready to go the scene is too quiet.  Are those kids even up.  You call for them… no answer.  Ugh, honestly.

Down the hall you find your oldest asleep sitting on the toilet and the middle one frantically deciding their wardrobe.

“Quickly now, you will be late!” you exclaim and they both get a pep in their step.

The baby has turned their banana into hair gel and you know a bath will be order for that one.  The kids finally emerge from the hall and trudge to the kitchen table.  What on earth is she wearing?  Are those rain boots and a soccer jersey?  All yawns and sleepy faces, they settle in to their oatmeal and begin stuffing their faces.

Prepare for School

Lunches are packed with loving notes from mom and packed away into school bags.  Quickly you check to be sure homework is not forgotten and papers are signed for the day.  You now clean the mess left behind from prepping breakfast and lunch sacks.  Gazing at the baby you sigh, slightly impressed with how well they have managed to turn a simple snack into pomade.

The kitchen sink now becomes a spa as you whisk the baby into a warm drawn bath to remove the banana pompadour attempted.  With baby washed and dried, you set out to snatch a set of baby clothes and new attire for your middle child.  The soccer playing puddle stomper is not pleased with the apparel request and you wrestle them into their new duds.

Head to School

Frantically you herd the crew to the front door and preform a quick bag check to be sure all is in order.  Your fresh little baby wriggles and squirms as you strap them into their car seat ready to go.  Loading the kids in the car, the neighbor wants to stop and discuss how your grass is a quarter of an inch too high.  You assure them it will be taken care of and scramble into the car.

Off you go, the kids are set and ready.  The drop off line is long and you patiently wait your turn to have the teacher escort your offspring safely into the building.  Meanwhile, the baby has decided the scenery is too dull and begins a tantrum to make history books.  Finally, you approach the destination.  The car door opens and the world is filled with the wails of your precious baby’s squeal.

Your oldest is done.  They hop out quickly, no “Bye” or “I love you” (tear).  Your second still in the sweet stages, graces you with a kiss on the cheek and a subtle “love you mommy”.  The teacher gives you a look of pity.  The baby’s cries are enough to make anyone snap.  No time for chit chat, the line needs to move.

Work Work Work

You may work in an office or from home.  Even you stay at home moms are still working.  Lets take this scenario home and see just what the To-Do list consists of there.  The baby is not giving it up.  Surely you hoped they would have tired themselves out and passed out by now.  Oh, no.  The busy mom you are, you take that little one in for some milk and cuddles resulting in a slumbering tot.

Now the real work starts.  Baby sleeps and momma works.  Mommy starts the laundry gathering all the dirties from each room.  What on earth is this?  Your eldest has a shirt tied in five different knots attached to a sock. OK, more work.  With laundry started, off to make the grocery list.

On and on you perform your daily chores.  Perhaps a stroller walk with the dog.  Hitting three birds at one stone there.  Exercise, dog is walked, baby gets fresh air.  As a mom, you plan your day accordingly, fitting in what you can to optimize your time in a way that will accomplish more.  In a way, your a genius!  A mastermind at multitasking and a wizard at tackling tough decisions and events.

Oh Wait, There’s More

Already you have accomplished so much and the day isn’t even over!  Now despite all that you have already done, its time to finish out the day. Time to pick up the kids from school and again in a frenzy, the baby is wriggled into the car seat.  Traffic is a pain. The pick up line is even longer than the drop off.  Luckily, the baby is asleep and you are able to catch up on social media while you wait.

The line is moving and after a time its your turn to pick up the kiddos.  They hop in quickly and the teacher adds a quick note that your middle child farted on another kid.  Seriously!  My child!?  I did not raise them this way.  Its always a surprise with kids.  Off to the humble abode.

The kids are back, the baby still slumbers and homework time commences.  While the kids finish up their work, you prep dinner.  Your middle child has soccer practice and in your favor another great mom has offered to carpool them to practice.

Time passes, the soccer star is home and dinner is served.  Daddy is home and helping with the baby.  The kids are served their plates and a discussion on the days events.  The fart in school is addressed and taken into account regarding the weekend merriment allotted.

Dinner comes to a close and the kids sprint off to take baths.  Dad will assist with the nighttime routine while you gather empty plates and clean the dinner mess.  Once, bathed, brushed and snug in their beds you arrive to read the nightly bedtime story.

Kissing the kids goodnight rounds out the day.  Perhaps you head to the living room after and settle with a nice cup of tea.

Yes, You Are A SUPERMOM!

That is a ton of tasks you have accomplished!  Its time to give ourselves a pat on the back and let go of the stress we put on ourselves.  Mom life is busy and chaotic, but we manage.  We get it done because it needs to be done and moms do it so well!  I want you to acknowledge the supermom in you and realize how important you are and amazing.

There are thankless days and that is OK.  You’re rocking it and everyday you accomplish an astronomical amount work!  Now I want to list most of what I have written above to really give you a visual of the TO-DO list you have already accomplished.

That is a great deal of action for one day and for some it may not even be close to all.  That daily list of chores is what we do for the love of our families and for that it makes you an incredible person and an amazing mother.  You are an astounding woman and I want you to know this.  The supermom you always want to be is you!  You are a Supermom!