Photo: Sheri Schooley

There is this super-cool thing out there. It’s called the undying, neverending love for your children. It’s seriously, absolutely, undeniably amazing.

Regardless of waking up in a bad mood, getting out on the wrong side of the bed, and literally hating everything and everyone who crosses your path, this love for your children magically renews itself. It’s like the storage bin in which you keep it never, ever empties. It just instantly refills itself. Like some yet-to-be-invented coffee maker that we all probably need.

Does it have something to do with our adorable little cherubs? Obviously. I’ve said on more than one occasion, “You’re lucky you’re so cute.” Of course, everyone thinks their child is cute, so we’re all in that boat together.


Does it have to do with the fact that, even though they may sometimes let you know that beyond, no circumstances whatsoever, they are NO fan of yours and they absolutely hate you, Worst Parent Ever, and then moments later look at you with eyes filled with tears and a giant pout face and apologize? Most definitely.

Is it because not too long ago you were their very age, with those very emotions bigger than you knew how with to deal, with a span of patience shorter than a toothpick? Is it because, often, even as adults, we still can feel that way sometimes? A hundred percent.

I think most of all, though, it’s because we love these little beings more than we ever thought possible. We feel more deeply for them than we ever imagined we could. We experience things inside that we could have never possibly wrapped our heads around before becoming moms and dads. And, because of that, we are unbelievably able to renew our resources even when we are convinced they are depleted. Because of this love, we are able to look those children in the eyes with care, compassion, empathy, and understanding.  We are able to put our negative, nasty moods aside and place our arms around the loves of our lives at any given moment. This love, it’s nothing we could have ever prepared ourselves for. It’s all encompassing. It’s unequivocal.  It’s the deepest thing we’ve ever felt. And it is utterly amazing. 

Our hearts break when our babies are unhappy. And whether they’re upset and acting up because they don’t want to sleep when it’s bedtime; are complaining about their meal; are throwing a tantrum in the store because they want a toy so, so badly; are sassing us for not giving them their space; are appearing ungrateful; or are definitely not acting the way we would like them to, our love does not, even for one millisecond, waiver. It’s forever full.  There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our children. Nothing.

As adults, we don’t behave perfectly all the time! How can we expect our little ones to?

And I would bet apples to artichokes that their good behavior far outweighs the bad. They give us reasons to be proud of who they are and who they are becoming every single day. We can’t let some rough times dictate who they are or who we are as parents.

These children, these beautiful little humans that we are raising are incredible little beings. Every day they are faced with decisions on how to act, how to deal with their feelings, peer pressure, understanding the world around them, learning a billion different things that are thrown at them at every given second. And you know what? They are doing an incredible job! No doubt about it, it’s not easy, and they are handling it exactly as they should. And when they act up, in whatever way, they are doing it because they know you will still accept them. They feel safe to explore their emotions with you because they know that there is nothing they can do that will ever make you not love them. We are their safe place. Can you even comprehend how unbelievably amazing that is?! YOU are your child’s SAFE PLACE. In a scary, uncertain world, they know they can always count on you. That you will always want what’s best for them. That you will forever love them and hold them close. That, right there, is the biggest honor in the world.

To sum this whole thing up: WE are amazing. OUR KIDS are amazing. And, honestly, THAT is amazing!