Are you ready for the most spectacular summer ever? So are we, and we’ve put together the ultimate bucket list to make sure we cover every inch of soft, green, grassy ground stretching out ahead of us. So grab your flip flops and come on—summer waits for no one!

sprinklersphoto: Sharon Mollerus via flickr

1. Run through the sprinkler. Don’t have one? Make your own by decorating a 2-liter plastic bottle with Sharpie designs, poke holes in it, and attach it to your hose. Check out how Dean McDermott did his here.

2. Take a picture a day and print out an end-of-summer photo album.

tie die tshirtsphoto: Julie via flickr

3. Make tie-dye shirts or capes. Need a refresher? Check out this tutorial by Parents.

4. Paint rock pets, like the creative geniuses over at My Kids’ Adventures

lemonadephoto: 3rd Eye Photographer via flickr

5. Make a lemonade journal, and try out these fun recipes and variations on the standard fare.

6. Make a secret handshake.

littlehelpers_gardeningwithkids_gabbycullen_redtricyclephoto: Gabby Cullen

7. Plant a garden.

8. Make pickles. Here’s an easy to follow recipe using cucumbers from your new garden or from the grocery store! 

poolphoto: Billychic via flickr 

9. Play Marco Polo at the pool, or try one of these classic pool games. 

10. Go to a drive-in movie, pack a picnic summer, and take a deck of playing cards.

181020089_f06395dea5_zphoto: Austen Squarepants via flickr

11. Call your friends and play a scratch game of baseball—adults and all!

12. Make potato stamps. See how The Postman’s Knock does it here

7490700386_e7f562694a_zphoto: Virginia State Parks via flickr

13. Make s’mores, or go gourmet with one of these unconventional twists on the classic. 

14. Have a shaving cream war.

7449585362_3b39686f54_zphoto: Thomas Rydberg via flickr

15. Break a Guinness Book of World Records. Peruse the titles up for grab on the official site, here.

16. Stay up late and play flashlight tag.

Pie eating contestphoto: William Wootten via flickr

17. Participate in an eating contest.

18.  Put on a magic show. Invite friends.

Rock Starphoto: Randen Pederson via flickr

19. Pick a “Summer 2016” song and play it till everyone can sing all the words.

20. Organize a parade.

photo: Brian via flickr 

21. Go backyard camping.

22. Prank someone.

popsiclesphoto: Donnie Ray Jones via flickr 

23. Make popsicles. See some of our favorite concoctions here

24. Make friendship bracelets.

berry u pickphoto: Heather Sunderland via flickr

25. Head to a local u-pick farm and load up on fresh berries. 

26. Tour your local fire station and take them goodies. They’ll appreciate it and you might even get to touch a truck. 

water slidephoto: The Mighty Tim Inconnu via flickr

27. Go to a water park, or turn your backyard into one.

28. Find a firework show (check your local baseball team’s schedule) and bring your 3D glasses.

bob for donutsphoto: S. Massey

29. Bob for donuts at breakfast.

30. TP your kids’ rooms. 

Ice Cream in a Bagphoto: S. Massey

31. Make ice cream in a bag.

32. Create an ice cream bracket and work your way through the summer.

Ice Creamphoto: S. Massey

How will you spend your summer? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey