When it comes to the ultimate summer list of things to do, there are a few requirements: plenty of time outdoors, fun activities that challenge little minds, and that you (hopefully) have enough of these great ideas to fill every last lazy afternoon. Luckily, we found 50 things that fit the bill, so keep reading to see them all. And, hurry! Those spectacular sunny days wait for no one.

photo: Jason Lander via Flickr

1. Take a family bike ride.

2. Learn a new magic trick. Here are seven easy tricks just for kids.

3. Build a LEGO City.

photo: Hirni Pathak via Flickr

4. Fly a kite. Our top spots are here.

5. Make your hometown a little bit more awesome. These ideas will get you started.

6. Make root beer floats.

photo: Charity Vargas Photography

7. Go stargazing. Check out our top tips here.

8. Explore a new park.

9. Learn how to make friendship bracelets.

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

10. Have a yes day

11. Organize a scavenger/treasure hunt. We’ve got printables here

12. Visit two (or more!) museums.

13. Go backyard camping. We’ve got 10 great ideas to help you get started.

14. Take a picture a day and print out an end-of-summer photo album.

15. Be a scientist for a day with one of these cool experiments

photo: Colleen Kelley via Flickr

16. Play board games for a whole afternoon.

17. Create a secret handshake.

18. Plant flowers.

sprinklersphoto: Sharon Mollerus via Flickr

19. Run through the sprinkler. Don’t have one? Make your own by decorating a two-liter plastic bottle with Sharpie designs, poke holes in it, and attach it to your hose. Check out how Dean McDermott did his here.

20. Whip up a batch of homemade popsicles. See some of our favorite concoctions here

21. Pick a “Summer 2017” song and play it till everyone can sing all the words.

lemonadephoto: 3rd Eye Photographer via Flickr

22. Make lemonade at least once. For a little variation, try these fun recipes.

23. Call or FaceTime with out-of-town family.

24. Go to a baseball game.

25. Visit the library to load up on summer reading material.

26. Stay up late and play flashlight tag.

27. Go to a drive-in movie, pack a picnic summer, and take a deck of playing cards.

photo: Vicki Watkins via Flickr

28. Lie in the grass and look for pictures in the clouds.

29. Paint rock pets. And then find out how you can care for them by clicking here.

30. Make pickles. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe using cucumbers from your new garden or from the grocery store!

berry u pickphoto: Heather Sunderland via Flickr

31. Head to a local u-pick farm and load up on fresh berries.

32. Break a Guinness Book of World Records. Peruse the titles up for grab on the official site here.

33. Tour your local fire station and take them goodies. They’ll appreciate it, and you might even get to touch a truck.

poolphoto: Billychic via Flickr 

34. Play Marco Polo at the pool, or try one of these classic pool games.

35. Prank someone.

36. Make potato stamps. See how The Postman’s Knock does it here.

photo: Shelley Massey

37. Create an ice cream bracket and work your way through the summer.

38. Find a firework show (check your local baseball team’s schedule) and bring your 3D glasses.

39. TP your kids’ rooms.

181020089_f06395dea5_zphoto: Austen Squarepants via Flickr

40. Gather your friends and play a scratch game of baseball—adults and all!

41. Make s’mores. You can go gourmet with one of these unconventional twists

42. Have a shaving cream war.

bob for donutsphoto: S. Massey

43. Bob for donuts at breakfast.

44. Have a tea party outside.

45. Make tie-dye shirts. Need a refresher? Check out this tutorial by Parents.

water slidephoto: The Mighty Tim Inconnu via Flickr

46. Go to a water park, or turn your backyard into one.

47. Have an outdoor art afternoon. Here are our favorite ideas.

48. Write and act out a play.

photo: Peter Prehn via Flickr

49. Learn about a wild animal.

50. Unplug for a day.

How will you spend your summer? Tell us in the comments section below!


— Gabby Cullen & Shelley Massey