If your idea of a family vacation includes more thrill than chill, we’ve got some spots you need to check out ASAP. From canyoneering in Zion National Park to canoeing through Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, there’s an adventure waiting for every family. Read on and plan your next excursion!

Zip, Sip & Stay – Hagg Lake, Or

Oregon’s Zip, Sip & Stay passport is the ideal summer package for families who love to monkey around. This package deal provides access to: aerial activities with Tree to Tree Adventures (over 60 obstacles, 1,200 foot+ zip line and more), gourmet lunches for foodies, and even a wine voucher for the ‘rents.

Online: zipsipstay.com

photo: James & Mary Bilancini via Flickr


Where do you like to adventure as a family? Let us know below!

— Kate Loweth, Wendy Altschuler & Christal Yuen