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Top 85 Apps for Parents and Kids We Love


43. Fluff Friends Rescue
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Any person who likes animals will love this app. Create your own animal care facility and care of digital cuties, find lost pets, bring them to the vet, take them to get groomed. This app is sure to melt any one’s heart with endless hours of cuddles.

44. Color Uncovered
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
“How is Monet like a honeybee? What color is a whisper? Why is it so hard to find your car in a lamp-lit parking lot?” These are just three of the many questions Color Uncovered will answer for everyone in your family as you explore the world of colors. The Exploratorium brings a whole new world of color to every one’s life with activities that include experimenting with objects found around the house. Don’t go another minute without seeing the world through this visually stunning spectrum!

45. Headspin StoryBook
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
Headspin Storybook will have you and your mini reader racing against the clock to complete each chapter, testing your visual awareness. If the increasingly challenging levels don’t keep you and your little one coming back, the magical narrative will.

46. My Very First App
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
Everyone can recognize the My Very First Books by Eric Carle if not for the story and titles then for the highly stylized hand painted tissue collage design. My Very First App contains three games that introduce Eric Carle’s brilliance and innovative artistry for an interactive and educational experience. Different difficulty levels means that as your little one grows and develops, so do the challenges.

47. Sheep Launcher
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Let’s face it, you’ll most likely never get to launch a sheep to the moon. This app lets your little one tap a button and send sheep, wearing protective gear of course, flying through the air. Keep tapping the sheep to make them go higher and the sky is the limit, seriously, you can go to the moon.

48. ABC Tracing
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
ABC Tracing teaches your kid their ABC’s with positive reinforcement and fun activities.  With the three principles of learning, observation, feedback and diverse activities, Hetal Shah brings you an app that will teach your tiny one the joys learning using animations and an arsenal of activities.

49. Paint Sparkles
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
If Color Uncovered is just a bit too advanced for your tiny tyke, Paint Sparkles will gladly take its place. There is no better app to introduce your little one to the world of colors than this.  While introducing basic colors, this app will also foster their vision and creativity with no mess finger painting.

50. Buzzle
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
This puzzle game is an explosive bustle of colorful environments and seamless design.  Every kiddo will be pulled into the stunning visuals of Buzzle, bringing exciting and entertaining fun to each day that passes. What’s better than that? How about the fact that as your kiddo is glued to the device having the time of their life, they’re spending all that time developing problem solving and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sound association and much much more.

51. Tozzle
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
A puzzle game that everyone ages 2 – 99 can enjoy, Tozzle engages shape recognition and motor activity with 42 different puzzle pictures, each of which that contain funny and interesting sounds. Gameplay centers around a drag and drop system and after you and your tot complete each level, you can relive the fun and play with the sounds of each picture by tapping on the shapes and figures.

52. Egg Punch
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
When a bunch of rabbits steal your feathers, your old trusty egg suit comes in handy when getting them back.  This highly addictive, mini-golf like game is an adorable choice for the little ones. Roll through mazes and puzzles in a gorgeous and eye popping 3D world!  Collect feathers and earn coins to unlock more levels, and watch you, you may find yourself glued to the ipad screen next to your little ones.

53. Matching Zoo
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
This app provides endless fun for every animal lover. With fun music, animations and special effects, there’s no surprise why this app is such a hit with the tykes all around. The best thing about this app is the fact that as the little ones spend all the time in the world playing the game, they’re learning basic skills and coordination.

54. Action Bowling
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Bowling game apps come a dime a dozen, but this one is a perfect strike while others are still scraping by for a spare, and for good reason. It offers 12 different locations to bowl along with 12 different balls to bowl with. Customize your own bowling ball with your personal media such as photos. With 3 different ways to bowl, and 4 different style settings, its the most comprehensive and realistic bowling experience in the app universe.

55. Cookie Doodle
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
There’s no denying it, every kid craves cookies and each year, when the holidays roll around, they go nuts for decorating them, right? Well with Cookie Doodle, every day can be a holiday. This app includes 203 cookie cutters, 24 recipes, 21 instant flavors, 60 sprinkles and 85 candy toppings. With a rolling pin that will flatten dough to perfect sheets and an oven that will never burn a cookie, this app is every cookie fanatics dream. Send cookies to your friends or devour the digital delights on the spot, and don’t be afraid to go for seconds.

56. iCut
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
It’s so simple, cut shapes into identical parts. Complete with 1,008 puzzles, 6 play modes and 4 game levels, this app is a stockpile of entertainment and puzzle based learning for your little one. It’s no wonder that 700,000 people can’t stop playing it. You’ll no doubt want to join your little one in this awesome puzzle game, the guest player option lets both of you enjoy hours of fun together!

57. Pocket Frogs
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
For the amphibian lover in your family, there is no better app than Pocket Frogs. This game allows you to play online, trade frogs and habitat items with friends, breed your own unique collection of frogs, and customize your frogs’ habitat with individual items. With 60 awards to earn in challenging ways and new items to collect each day, the fun never ends.

58. Jelly Car 2
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
Between custom mode that allows you to create your own puzzles and levels, the jelly factory that gives you an inside look into where the jelly comes from and the long jump, this game is a world unto itself! Make your jelly car your own with multiple body styles and color combinations. Drive your way through the 30 new levels and see why driving a squishy car through a squishy world can be hours of fun and entertainment.

59. The Pianist
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $3.99
Having stayed on the iTunes top 100 apps list, making the “Awesome iOS4 Apps” list and being in the Top 20 iPhone Apps by Sound on Sound Magazine, The Pianist has made quite a name for itself, and rightfully so. It features a full 88 key piano keyboard with virtual “soft” and “sustained” pedals. You can record your compositions and have them played back and ever overdub previous saves.

60. Reversi
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
Here’s a game from back when computers weren’t even an idea, let alone a reality. What better way to celebrate a throwback to boardgames than to play one on your ipad or iphone?  t’s said that this game takes only a few minutes to learn, and a lifetime to master.  This is a strategy game, so put on your thinking caps and get ready to think!

61. Mad Libs
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Mad Libs are undeniably one of kids’ favorite word games, if it can be called a game.  What better way to help tiny tykes learn the differences between nouns, verbs and adjectives than through wacky and hilarious stories that they helped put together? There’s an obvious reason why they’ve stuck around long enough for the digital changeover. Download this app and fill in the blank with hours of fun.  Afterwards, share what sidesplitting stories you and your little one created with family and friends with the click of a button.

62. SFMOMA Families
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Dingo and Collie, from Roy De Forest’s “Country Dog Gentlemen” painting, host this gallery game app from SFMOMA. It’s fun for the entire family, and people of all ages as these characters encourage participants to observe with their eyes and ears and discover new ways of experiencing and sharing art with one another. Take this app to any museum and use it to turn any ho-hum visit into an exhilarating exploration of art.

63. Barnyard Bluegrass
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
Barnyard Bluegrass takes kid favorite singalongs like, “Old McDonald,” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and puts a rustic spin on their sound. Kids can play music on their own in four different areas, maybe jam on the porch like simple country folk, or dive into the extras and try and find all the hidden surprises. Either way, this interactive and musical education system will strike a note in you and your little one’s heart as music fills the room.

64. Elmo Calls
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
Does your little one absolutely love “Sesame Street”? What about Elmo?  Then give the phone to your tiny tyke when Elmo calls you with this app. It features video calls, voice calls, and even vociemail from this Sesame Street favorite. You can activate or even schedule when and why Elmo calls like birthdays or a doctors visit.

65. Toca Hair Salon
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
With over 3 million downloads and climbing, this app is a popular choice for those looking for an interactive toy. Let your kiddo run their own hair salon, cutting and trimming with scissors and electric clippers, washing hair with shampoo, and even using the hair dryer to capture the perfect trendy look everyone is trying for right now.

66. Wurm Junior App
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
This new addition to the WURM family takes drawing to the next level for your creative and artistic problem solver in tow. With an interface that is so minimal and scaled back that even babies can use it, absolutely everyone will love using this app and experiencing the kaleidoscope like visuals with 15 shapes and and 45 color palettes.

67. Drawing Pad
Age Rating : 4+ | Price: $1.99
Featured in the New York Times and USA Today, this app is one for all ages.  Every member of the family will certainly enjoy the wide array if drawing tools like paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, crayons and much much more. Add effects to an already existing piece, or create something from scratch. If the page gets too cluttered and you or your little one wants to scrap the entire thing, an easy “erase all” command clears the page!

68. Shape Building
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
146 puzzles make up this app’s catalogue of countless hours of entertainment for your kiddo. A problem solver in the form of compatible shapes that need to be put together, this app comes with sound effects, musical instruments, fruits and vegetables, animals and even numbers and letters.

69. Connect the Dots
Age Rating: 2-6 | Price: $0.99
Connect the dots, literally, with this awesome app bringing the classic dot to dot game into the 21st century of touchscreen technology. The tap and draw buttons allow you and your little ones to connect dots, numbers and letters revealing an awesome image and playing great music.

70. Preschool Memory Match
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Concentration is the first step of kids beginning to learn while playing. The match up game, typically played with cards has been a classic staple in every preschool, kindergarten and even first grader’s experience.  Now the game comes fully stocked on the iPad with over 220 pairs and 5 categories, the games can go on and on.

71. Mister Rogers Make a Journal
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
In the memory of Mister Rogers, this app encourages the little ones to explore and share their emotions. It helps the little ones find words to express their feelings in a manageable way. A digital library allows the little ones to start and keep a journal in their digital storage.  This app is perfect for any kiddo that seems a bit reluctant to share themselves with others out in the world.

72. PBS Kids Photo Factory
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
For both kids and adults alike, this app allows you to edit photos to incorporate the favorite PBS characters into the best memories. It features an easy to use, four step process, so it’s safe for the kids to use. Choose from favorite characters like Arthur, Cassie, Clifford, Grover and much much more.

73. Sid’s Science Fair
Age Rating: 4+ | Price $ 2.99
A perfect app for any miniature Isaac Newton, Sid’s Science Fair helps the kiddos learn core science as well as math concepts. There are three major interactive modes of the game, “Gabriela’s Collection Inspection” to look at things under the microscope, “May’s Chart It” to make statistics fun, and “Gerald’s Time Machine” to take a collection of pictures on a journey through time.

74. Sparticle
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
Eric Metois, the same guy who brought you iChalky, delivers more color and a three dimensional world in Sparticle. The concept is simple, gather gems against the clock to earn as many in game points as possible. The controls are simple iPad gyroscope inspired, and the difficulty levels don’t end.

75. ColorPlay
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
What’s better than a coloring book after it’s been colored in? Watching it turn into an animation at the touch of a button! ColorPlay lets your little guys…well…play with color, but also see how their illustrations come to life with sound and color. This comes from the Tony Huynh, and is sure to entertain an illustrator of any age.

76. iBabyLog
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
This is an app a little off the beaten path of this list.  For one, it serves a purpose for those with little ones a bit littler than 4 years of age. It lets moms like you track your baby’s patterns with eating, sleeping and much much more. Added to this is the reminders feature. Comprehensive charting makes this app super easy to use and thorough!  So if you’ve got a little little one in tow and still trying to figure out their little habits, this is definitely the app for you.

77. Smurfs’ Village
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Who doesn’t love the Smurfs? Remember the evil Gargamel? Well he found the original Smurfs village and scattered everyone! In this app, its you and your kiddo’s job to create a new village for the Smurfs to call home, be as creative as you can. With a cast of the classics, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Baby Smurf and many more, this app is as entertaining as it is Smurfy.

78. Monster Pet Shop
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Monsters don’t have to be a terrifying reason for your little one to lose sleep over. Monster Pet Shop lets your kiddo run their own pet shop filled with adorable monsters. There are awards to win and money to gain when you and your little one take good care of the Monsters and find them good homes and with 25 different types of monsters, the possibilities seem endless.

79. Fumbies
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Maybe a monster pet store just won’t due for your little one, and perhaps they’re looking for something a bit more magical. Fumbies takes your kiddo to a magical island in the sky where they can care for mythical creatures. They can play games and even customize the island with certain upgrades.

80. FairyWoods Patisserie
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Bring the magic into the kitchen with this app, and let your kiddo run wild in Fairywoods, a place where the most whimsical patisserie exists. Get a firsthand experience of Hansel and Gretel’s “House of Confectionery” contents with 35 new items, 3 “super speed stoves” and a game center achievement with secret items to collect.

81. Snail Race
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
This is just an all around great and fun app that follows Joe. He’s a snail who’s everyday bullying by other snails has led him to change his life and challenge the bullies to a snail race. These races are the epic games that decide the snails fate. With 24 cartoon snails and 24 fun levels to play them in, the fun is anything but a snail’s pace.

82. iLuvMozart
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
This app may seem a bit mature for the little ones, but if you’re the type of mom that wants to boost your kiddos brainpower at an early age, it may be the perfect fit  This app offers great background music by one of the most famous composers to have ever lived, Mozart.  With more than 20 trivia questions about music, this app is more than just some pretty background music.

83. NASA App
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Got a little astronaut on your hands?  Get this app and send him or her to the moon.  Well, not exactly. This app provides the plethora of information that one of the most educational institutions has been able to offer.  Download it and start exploring the stars and planets with your little one today.

84. Bubble Shooter
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Everyone has played some rendition of this game. Shooting the bubble to other bubbles of corresponding colors to pop them and make room. Your little one will love the colors and the sounds, and you may be surprised to find yourself glued to the screen, searching for that last game-saving double combination.

85. iMazing
Age Rating: 4+ | Price: Free
Mazes are a great way to get the kid’s brains working. They stimulate hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and space relations. What’s better than that, they’re super fun! This app offers the digital versions of mazes appropriate for all ages with escalating difficulty levels that keep the game alive.


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