photo: Netflix

Every mom can use a little me-time to unwind and relax, but finding ways to squeeze that time in isn’t always easy. A new study from Netflix found that moms have come up with some creative ways to sneak in some personal TV time into their daily activities.

Binge watching pretty much goes out the door when you have kids. The only time you ever get hours in a row kidless is when you’re sleeping (and even that isn’t guaranteed). That’s why sneak watching is the new way moms are squeezing in a peek at their favorite shows, according to a new study by Netflix. 71 percent of moms admit to sneaking in some me-time TV watching while multi-tasking their other household duties, like cooking and cleaning.

photo: Netflix

Many moms admit to finding some creative ways to sneak that watching in. For example, 40% said they’ll catch some tube time while in the bathroom, 57% while doing laundry and 21% admitted to actually hiding out in a closet or pantry to escape the kids for a few minutes and sneak a few minutes with their favorite show. More than half of all moms surveyed said sneak watching helped reduce stress and 19% said it helped them be a better parent.

So what are moms watching when they sneak in some me-time? According to Netflix, here are the top ten shows moms find worthy of sneak-watching:

1. The Walking Dead


2. Grey’s Anatomy

3. Orange Is the New Black

4. Friends

5. 13 Reasons Why

6. Scandal

7. How To Get Away With Murder

8. Once Upon A Time

9. Fuller House

10. Gilmore Girls

Do you sneak watch during the day? What are your favorite shows to watch? Tell us in the comments below.