You like hearing the conductor shout as the engine chugs slowly back in time, the kids like the wild west cowboys and robbers, everyone digs the fantastic scenery, and one thing is certain—there’s something about trains. Whatever it is, families can have a full day of exploration and excitement while riding the rails. Read on to discover our picks for the country’s most dazzling train rides for kids.

Northern Nevada Railroad

Once you've checked out the multiple buildings that make up the National Landmark Museum (celebrating 30 years in 2017!), hop aboard the train for a 90-minute train ride near Ely, Nevada, towards the Ruth mining district. You and your crew can choose between the open-air car, the coach, or the caboose (check out the details here) Regulars rides depart the station on a daily basis, but there are seasonal and themed rides as well: the Pony Express ride, the Rockin’ & Rollin’ Geology Train, the Star Train, the Ghost Train and the Polar Express ride among others. 


Have you and your family had a historic and awesome train ride? Where?! Share your picks with us below!

—Gabby Cullen


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