Looking for the perfect birthday dessert that isn’t a cake? From bite-sized to decadent, we’ve found 18 show-stopping treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Click through the slideshow below to get inspired—just don’t forget to make a wish.

Breakfast for Dessert

Chloe, a San Francisco-based French illustrator and mom to one-year old daughter Lula, just started what we anticipate to be the newest trend in birthday party desserts. For her daughter's first birthday she served up 30 belgian waffles to her guests and it's no surprise they were a huge hit. With a waffle iron, making large batches of these treats is super simple, and if you want to get creative go for an unconventional shaped waffle maker (think: waffles shaped like penguins, hearts and Mickey Mouse!).

photo credit: Priscilla Gragg via Chloe Fleury 


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— Erin Lem & Susie Foresman