With thousands of games, books and videos available through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited the only thing that’s a challenge is deciding where to begin. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kid-tested, parent-approved selections for all ages from May to help you get started.


BOOK: A Perfect Day For Digging – Get your pint-sized green thumbs ready for spring with this beautiful picture book that’s all about planting new life in the garden.

GAME: Sago Mini Robot Party – Your tiny tinkerers will have a blast building and playing with their own adorable robots that are full of personality..

SHOW: Bug Diaries – A fly, a spider and a worm form a band of bug buddies in search of adventure in this adorable series that your preschooler will love and you’ll enjoy watching with them.

BOOK: Ripley’s Fun Facts & Silly Stories – Get ready for all the wacky facts your inquisitive tykes will be spouting when they get hooked on this fun series of unique books.

GAME: Wild Kratts Rescue Run– Load up your creature powers and get ready for an action-packed adventure based on the hit series that builds problem-solving skills and teaches young players all about the animal kingdom.

SHOW: Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny – Young and old fans of the films will love this new adventure featuring four young pandas who convince Dragon Master Po to train them in Kung Fu.

BOOK: The Curious Cat Spy Club – This clever series of chapter books will keep older readers engaged with its twists and turns as three unlikely friends in a secret club solve animal-related mysteries.

GAME: Bus Rush – You might just find yourself competing with your kids to play this highly addictive game that sends you surfing the streets and avoiding obstacles to collect treasure.

SHOW: Costume Quest – Fans of mysteries and creepy creatures will love this story about four friends who take on a quest of epic proportions when they discover that the people in their town are actually monsters in disguise.


When you purchase a new Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet it comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited at no additional cost. FreeTime Unlimited offers thousands of content titles for kids ages three to twelve years old. To purchase a tablet with up to 20% off of use code REDTRI.