With thousands of games, books and videos available through Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited the real challenge is deciding where to begin. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kid-tested, parent-approved selections for all ages to help you get started.


BOOK: Potato Pants! – You’re sure to enjoy plenty of belly laughs over this hilarious tale of a potato and his quest to find the perfect pair of pants.

GAME: Endless Numbers – A colorful crew of monsters make it fun for your mini mathematicians to learn all about number recognition, patterns and even simple addition.

SHOW: Creative Galaxy – This clever series about a resourceful alien who uses art to solve problems will inspire your own master artist to develop their creative talents.

BOOK: Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals – Young animal lovers won’t be able to get enough of the wacky facts about wildlife and colorful images of adorable animals in this fact-filled book.

GAME: My Town: Museum – Explore artifacts and history with the My Town crew in this open-ended game that takes you through a sprawling museum. Like the entire My Town series, young explorers also collect hearts along their adventure to collect prizes.

SHOW: LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Master builders and junior ninjas alike will love this action-packed series that brings adventure, mystery and plenty of LEGO laughs.

BOOK: Pottermore Presents Short Stories From Hogwarts – This new three-book series from J.K. Rowling gives fans of the Harry Potter books a look into the magical history behind Hogwarts and beloved characters, like McGonagall and Lupin.

GAME: Teeny Titans: Teen Titans Go – Unite your Teeny Titans and form a team to battle with your best superheroes. There’s plenty to keep your own teeny titans entertained with special missions and challenges.

SHOW: The Kicks – Friendships, rivalries, growing pains and, of course, soccer are all at the heart of this series following Devin Burke as she gets used to life in a new town and new soccer team.


When you purchase a new Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet it comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited at no additional cost. FreeTime Unlimited offers thousands of content titles for kids ages three to twelve years old. To purchase an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet for 20% off, use code REDTRI.