Looking for a way to show a little L-O-V-E this Valentine’s Day? Treat your kids to a few heartfelt goodies from our carefully curated collection of Valentine’s Day gifts. From adorable books to stylish duds and even a heart or two, keep reading to see them all.



1. Party Pal by Tattly

These fun graphic tattoos are some of the newest designs from uber-hip Tattly. We love the cool and clever illustrations and the quality of the product. These are tattoos that stick around!

Available at tattly.com, $10 for a set of 2.

2. Bagel in Love

Bagel wants to find a dancing partner! But, pretzel doesn’t cut the mustard and doughnut’s eyes just glaze over. Who will twirl, spin and tap with Bagel in the dance contest? This adorable new tale from best-selling author Natasha Wing will make a sweet addition to your kids' Valentine’s Day stash.

Available at amazon.com, $10.19.

3. Lovebug Paint Your Own Cookies

It’s a paint-by-number Valentine’s Day treat! These adorable handmade cookie “kits” come with a paint palette on the actual cookie. Just a dab of water and kids can color in the lovebug design. Everything is 100% edible, and the paintbrush is included.

Available from Polkadot Cupcake Shop, $5 per cookie kit. Cookies can be shipped nationwide, email orders@polkadotcake.com to place your order.

4. You Are Loved Tee from Cat & Jack

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this adorable and budget-friendly t-shirt from Cat & Jack. Made in a soft cotton blend, the bright red color will help her stand out in a crowd.

Available at target.com, $6.99

5. Wooden Heart Puzzle

This wooden puzzle is a real heart-breaker. The trick is to disassemble and reassemble in the shape of a heart (which is easier than it looks!). It's good for kids ages 3 & up and is made of all real wood pieces.

Available at amazon.com, $6.36.

6. Design Your Own Llama Kit

We love llamas. We also love sweet gifts that come at a bargain. This adorable design-your-own-llama kit from Five Below is the best of both worlds. It also comes with bright strings, pom-poms, coordinating paint colors and even glue.

Available at fivebelow.com, $5.

7. I Am Affirmation Prints

Choose from six beautifully illustrated prints that feature empowering thoughts for kids. From “I Am Brilliant” to “I Am Authentic,” each message is one for the ages. The print from mom-powered company Love Powered Co. is 8x10, it comes unframed and is printed on high-quality matte card stock.

Available at lovepoweredco.com, $15.

8. Color-In Box from ZIPIT

Let your kids color their hearts out this Valentine's Day. This new pencil case from ZIPIT can hold up to 20 pencils, pens, scissors or anything else you want. There are more than four different designs, and if you use colorfast markers, it’s washable!

Available at just-zipit.com, $9.99.

9. Donut Pom Pom Maker

Made from solid beechwood and offered in four “flavors,” (vanilla, lemon, strawberry or blueberry) one of these adorable pom-pom makers will make a sweet addition to any craft kit. It's also a great option for travel!

Available at roseandrex.com, $18.

10. Zaffi Taffy

If you must include candy this Valentine’s Day, make it Zaffi Taffy. From the kidprenuer who invented Zollipops, her brand-new taffy line is still sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, and helps raise the PH level in little mouths, which helps prevents cavities!

Available at walmart.com, $3.22 a bag.

11. Basket Head Game

How’s this for using your head this Valentine’s Day? Keep kids busy with a few rounds of basketball, with this game that uses little noggins for the pole! Get ready for lots of laughs with this one.

Available at fivebelow.com, $5.

12. Valentine's Day Pusheen the Cat

That adorable cat, Pusheen, will bring lots of love to your kids this Valentine’s Day. This adorable stuffie comes with a special heart envelope and is made from the same soft, huggable material as all other Gund products.

Available at amazon.com, $11.83.

13. Write Your Heart Out Pencils

Encourage your kids to do their very best work with these unique, personalized pencils from Etsy shop Fresh Out of Ink.

Available at etsy.com/freshoutofink, $2 for a set of 4.

14. Galactic Bath Bombs

With three different shapes and enough materials to make five bath bombs, this sweet set will have your curious kids experimenting with science in no time. Glitter, mica powder and fragrance (Strawberry Supernova & Cosmic Cotton Candy) are also included, so each ball will be totally unique. Recommended for kids ages 6 & up. 

Available at walmart.com, $12.97. 

15. Stickers from Junk Food

From cute phrases to universal signs for love, there are four sheets of fun to be had with these Valentine’s Day stickers. Grab a set or two at Target

Available at target.com, $5.

Which one of these Valentine’s Day gifts is your favorite? Share with us in a comment below. 

—Gabby Cullen

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