Struggling with morning hair tangles? Save time, tears and stress with a Hair Fairy satin pillowcase.

Sleeping on a Hair Fairy pillowcase prevents morning tangles so brushing is easier, stress-free and tear-free for kids and their parents. It’s a natural solution for hair tangles, eliminating the need for detangling sprays and other products. Hair Fairy is used by thousands of kids and it works on all hair types – straight, curly, thick or fine.

·       Includes a special Harriet the Hair Fairy pocket doll

·       Machine-washable

·       Fits standard size pillow

·       Packaged in a gift-quality box

·       Perfect for gift giving (we gift wrap too!)

·       Woman-owned company and made in Seattle, Washington USA

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Check out Hair Fairy for Women & Teens – each comes packaged with a lavender sachet. A natural solution that prevents dry & frizzy hair, sleep lines and wrinkles.


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