We’re used to seeing lists of the most popular baby names every year but this year, the people at Nameberry used the U.S. Social Security Administration’s annual release to compile the weirdest baby names of 2017. Just when you thought parents couldn’t get any more “creative,” they prove us wrong. Keep reading for some of the most outrageous baby names of the last year.

photo: Courtesy of Tesla Motors


Last year saw 130 girls and 11 boys given the name Tesla, after the famed luxury automobile dreamed up by Elon Musk. The brand is mostly known for their electric vehicles and other technology like solar panels, so we're curious to know what resonates with parents who chose this name for their newborns.



Oh hello, there brightly colored Carp fish found most often found in decorative gardens or Koi ponds. Parents of 26 boys and 25 girls snagged the name Koi to give to their newborns, and we can only guess they are quite the lovers of nature. It's definitely better than naming your kiddo Catfish!


We'd like to think the parents of the 38 babies from 2017 who named their kids Vanity are really just huge Prince fans instead of obsessed with personal looks. The late singer had a girlfriend with the same name in the 80s, and it's a name we've seen with a lot of circulation since then. We do think nicknames like Van or Vanna are pretty cute, though!


In 2017, 11 boys were named Arson. Um, what? We're definitely left scratching out heads and would love to have a quick sit down with any of these parents to ask the obvious question: "Why?!"

photo: "Jezebel" by Byam Shaw (1896)


Looks like somebody missed a day in Sunday school when they named their daughter Jezebel. Despite the sordid history, 27 baby girls took the Jezebel in 2017. Maybe their parents are fans of the feminist news website by same name?

photo: Photo by Rich Arden / ESPN Images


It's not just a world famous sports network: Espn is apparently the name of 12 girls and six boys born in 2017. It's obvious that parents to kiddos with this name love all things sports and probably an episode of Sports Center here and there. Either that, or perhaps dad filled out the birth certificate when mom was out of the room? 


Blue jean baby. The name of America's favorite fabric was given to 141 boys and 53 girls last year. While we can't think of a nickname to go with Denim, we do think it's pretty creative without being outright bizarre.


Meet George Jetson! Oh, sorry––that's the first thing that comes to mind when we hear this name. Jetson was the name for 40 boys last year, and we'd imagine there will be some pretty cool boys roaming the halls with the nickname Jet in the future.


Naming your baby girl means Godiva means you must have a great love for the chocolatier (and we can't blame you). Either that, or you really love the old English name that has been translated and actually means "gift of God." Even though we love the second meaning, we can't help but think most people will thing "chocolate" first when they hear the name that was given to five baby girls.


Give your little princess the name she deserves when you call her Empress, like 106 girls were last year. For boys, another nine were named Emperor, which stems from the "ruler of the empire" meaning. They're noble, albeit interesting names for sure.


There's no denying that the Latin name Pharaoh, which means "ruler" is one of strength and substance. Last year there were 145 boys given this kingly name, the same as famed American jazz saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders.


While you may thing Amen is just a super spiritual baby name, it actually originates from Egypt and means "Ra - personification of the power of the universe and god of a united Egypt." Traditionally a boy's name, 55 girls were named Amen last year, in addition to 75 boys. Can we...get an amen!?


We get it––super hero names are super popular but we were still a little surprised to see Havoc used as a baby name. While the X-Men character spells his name Havok, we still envision widespread destruction when we hear the word/name. Maybe the 17 boys who took home this name will embody the spirit of havoc, but for their parent's sake, we hope not!


We admit, giving your new son the name "Boy" isn't exactly creative, but 28 boys took home the name from the hospital in 2017 (and six more were named Son). Keep it simple when you name your babe Boy!


Not to be outdone by Boy, 19 girls were girls were given the name Girl last year. We guess the phrases "hey girl" and "girlie" have special meaning for these little ladies!

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Tim Bish via Unsplash


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