If you hiked that mountain, beat that goal, or finally took that trip, you’re in good company. There are a ton of reasons to be proud of the last 342 days, and here at Red Tricycle we’ve been running fast, working hard, and checking boxes off lists left and right. Read on to see what our team is most proud of in 2016, and don’t forget share your own accomplishments in a comment below!

running_patriknygren_2016proud_redtricyclephoto: Patrik Nygren via flickr

I am most proud of shaving 14 minutes off my half-marathon time, and pacing again at times I haven’t run since my 20’s.
—Jacqui Boland, Red Tricycle CEO + Founder

My most proud moment this year was seeing my daughter perform in her first Children’s Theater production. She was reluctant to try out and nervous about her part, and yet she completed five shows, made new friends along the way, and proved to herself that she could turn something that intimidated her into something that she now realizes she loves.
—Dan Zaner, VP Engineering

I’m proud of all the time I got to spend with my family this year, especially my 91-year-old grandfather. His commentary and sense of humor always make our visits together fun and memorable.
—Erin Lem, Editorial Director

I’m proud that I got outside my comfort zone with my daughter, and as a result we had some awesome adventures together. Whether it was an impromptu trip to the snow, a flight halfway around the world, or a four day road trip on the wrong side of the road, I really upped my single mama game!
—Sara Olsher, Marketing Director

cubacar_meghanrose_mostproudin2016_redtricyclephoto: Meghan Rose

My husband and I went to Cuba right before Fidel Castro died. Yes, the trip was amazing, but here’s why I’m proud we went: we left our kids with their grandparents for 10 days. I’ve never been apart from them for more than 48 hours! It was a wonderful bonding experience for the kids (and my parents), a fantastic cultural exploration at a fascinating time, and my husband and I really got to reconnect without just talking about the kids and their schedules. I’m proud of weaning myself off needing to be there for every bedtime, now that they’re nine!
—Meghan Rose, Red Tricycle Los Angeles Editor

I moved my entire life 2,000 miles away from the city I’ve lived in or near for almost 40 years, and I actually didn’t freak out (too much). And I wrote a book!
—Amber Guetebier, Red Tricycle Daily Editor

This year I took up hiking…after wanting to do it for over a decade. It helps that there are hundreds of miles of trails and routes around D.C. where I live.
—Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Red Tricycle Washington D.C. Editor

2016 was big for accomplishing my fitness goals. I set a PR in a half marathon and discovered (and have stuck with) Barre 3 workouts. But I’m probably most proud that my kids—at age 8, 5, and 2—have mastered the art of the road trip. They look for roadside attractions, killer radio stations, and quality cuisine from unlikely sources with the best of them.
—Shelley Massey, Red Tricycle Atlanta Editor

thebutterflyjoint_erinfeher_bestof2016_redtricyclephoto: Erin Feher-Montoya

2016 was the first full year in business for our little family biz, The Butterfly Joint, a woodworking studio for kids. It was a great one, with a winter full of field trips, a summer full of week-long summer camps, and a fall filled with after school classes. I think we are getting this down!
—Erin Feher-Montoya, Red Tricycle San Francisco Editor

2016 was a banner year for me, travel-wise. We spent time on both coasts and I took a few solo trips to visit friends and family. I’ve got the travel bug!
—Gabby Cullen, Red Tricycle National Editor

leahindiana_leahsinger_mostproudin2016_redtricyclephoto: Leah Singer

My family’s proudest accomplishment in 2016 was moving from San Diego, California to Terre Haute, Indiana. We packed the house, and drove my daughter, two dogs and one cat 2,200 miles. It was a crazy adventure for us Californians, but we’re loving life in the Midwest.
—Leah Singer, Red Tricycle Spoke Managing Editor

I am happy to report that I am feeling proud that my son with learning disabilities has made Honor Roll at his school and even more importantly, has learned to advocate for himself for the special services that he is supposed to receive! Now that feels good.
—Kathy Gold, Bump + Baby, New York Account Manager

photo: Kipp Jarecke-Cheng

As a southpaw living in a predominantly right-handed world, I’ve always wished that my kids would join me among the left-handed ranks. While I failed to make my 10-year-old son into a lefty, one of my proudest moments in 2016 was when it became clear that my two-year-old daughter is most likely a lefty! #leftiesruletheworld
—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng, Red Tricycle Tech writer

I was able to help Los Angeles Unified school district adjust their school calendar through online petitions and speaking to the boardto Save our Summer. School is now going to start close to labor day in 2017 and possible after in 2018. This will help with tourism revenue for California and allow underpaid teachers to get a summer job.
—Joanna Belson, Red Tricycle Los Angeles Account Manager


yogaclass_crmgucd_proud2016_redtricyclephoto: crmgucd via flickr

Got back to my regular weekly yoga practice. Aah!!!  Feels so good. 
—Francie Kaplan, Red Tricycle Account Director

My daughter, who would rather wear gym shorts than a tutu, wanted to become more graceful. She took ballet this year and, I am very proud to say, had her first dance recital. She looked beautiful with her hair up and pretty emerald green snow princess costume. She now walks with more confidence and poise.
—Nikki Station, Red Tricycle National and SoCal writer

What are you most proud of in 2016? Share with us in a comment below!


—Gabby Cullen with Meghan Rose, Jacqui Boland, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Shelley Massey, Kathy Gold, Francie Kaplan, Erin Feher, Kipp Jarecke-Cheng, Nikki Station, Leah Singer, Erin Lem, Amber Guetebier, Sarah Olsher, Dan Zaner