Now that 2019 is here, that means we’re even closer to the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. But what exactly can we expect to find on this new platform?

With an already saturated market of streaming options, Disney needs to step it up in order to woo customers—and that’s exactly what the House of Mouse is doing. In addition to reportedly lower subscription fees than Netflix, Disney+ will offer all of its movies and TV shows—that are slowly being pulled from Netflix—as well as plenty of original series and movies.

The new streaming service will be organized into the following categories; here are all the new Disney+ offerings that have been confirmed so far.


  • Disney’s remake of Dumbo, which hits theaters in March, will have its streaming debut on Disney+.
  • A Lady and the Tramp remake will be one of the first new features made specifically for release on Disney+.
  • Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader.
  • Togo, a dog-sledding move starring William Dafoe.
  • Stargirl, an adaptation of the best-selling YA novel by Jerry Spinelli, is in the works.
  • A live-action adaptation of Stephan Pastis’ Timmy Failure is also being developed.
  • An original series based on existing Disney’s High School Musical has been confirmed.
  • Magic Camp, a live-action comedy written by Steve Martin.
  • A documentary about Walt Disney Imagineering.
  • A remake of The Sword in the Stone is set to be an original release on Disney+.
  • Zoe Kravitz is set to star in a series based on High Fidelity.
  • A series based in The Mighty Ducks franchise.


  • Pixar films beginning with this summer’s Toy Story 4 will be exclusive to the platform, no word yet on previous Pixar titles.
  • An original series based on Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. is confirmed.
  • Original short films created in the Pixar SparkShorts program.

Star Wars


  • Captain Marvel will be the first Marvel Universe film to debut on the platform after hitting theaters this year.
  • A live-action Avengers series focused on Loki starring Tom Hiddleston is set to premiere.
  • Vision and Scarlett Witch will also be getting an original series.

National Geographic

  • No word yet on which titles will be included.

And more

Disney has confirmed that in order to round out its content, the platform will also feature non-Disney owned programming.

  • Diary of a Female President is a new series produced by Gina Rodriguez and CBS TV about a 12-year-old Cuban American girl who will become the future POTUS.

We will keep updating this story as more titles are confirmed.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


Featured photo: Disney*Pixar via YouTube



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