There’s nothing sweeter than the silent sound of your baby soothing herself back to sleep. Unfortunately, relying on that pacifier to stay in place is like rolling the dice in a Vegas casino, the odds are definitely not in your favor. Thankfully, one mom shared a pretty genius hack to give you a helping hand at bedtime.

photo: Motherload

As POPSUGAR reports, mom Laura Gerson shared her pacifier hack to UK Facebook group The Motherload and it blew up across the internet from there. Rather than putting her 11-month-old to bed with just a single pacifier, she puts her down surrounded by 10 pacifiers, all within arm’s reach. When her daughter starts to stir and reach out, she’s sure to hit upon at least one of those pacifiers to help her soothe back to sleep.

So does the trick actually work? Gerson says her daughter sleeps anywhere from 12 to 13 hours at night, so that would be a resounding yes. Gerson wrote in the Motherload post, “Since my little one was about 3 months old she’s gone to bed with roughly 10 dummies in with her. Found that when she cried of a night all she wanted was a dummy then she’d go back off. Realised [sic] that if she had one to hand then she would just find it of a night, trial and error with her losing a few down the side but 99% of the time she feels around, finds a dummy, sticks it in and she’s sorted! Haven’t had to go into her of a night for about 8 months now… WINNING!!” Thousands liked her post and some responded that they had success when they tried it.

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