Even with Jack Frost still knocking at your door, the calendar says spring has arrived. Time to ditch your usual tea and common cocoa for something far more exciting. Making mocktails with your kids is actually more relaxing than baking (less time, less mess), and the new scents will make the house nice and cozy in no time. Flip through our recipe book for yummy mocktails that both bigs and littles can enjoy.

Hot Not-Toddy

This traditional English drink is often used to help soothe cold symptoms. But skip the whiskey for your little dukes and duchesses, and load this hot tea with cinnamon and ginger for a body-toasting effect. Check out this crock pot recipe from Elana’s Pantry.

photo provided courtesy of elanaspantry.com

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What’s your favorite drink to celebrate with the kids?

— Christal Yuen