The ToyFreaks channel has been banned by YouTube. Yeah, you know that YouTube isn’t all good when it comes to your kiddo’s viewing. There’s some questionable content and then there’s the whole blip where beloved cartoon characters showed up in precarious positions on YouTube Kids. Well, now it seems that YouTube is cracking down and putting channels, such as ToyFreaks, in check.

photo: ToyFreaks via YouTube

ToyFreaks is one of YouTubes’…umm, more “controversial” channels. With over 8.5 million subscribers it seems as though plenty of people are tuning in to the dad, his kids and their seemingly strange situations. If you’re not one of the 8.5 million, ToyFreaks tends to skew towards the uncomfortable when it comes to parenting prowess.

While it’s not outright exploitive, the channel has raised enough red flags to get a big ol’ ban by YouTube. With clips that feature dad dumping a bucket of frogs onto his girls as they bathe and a camera following a screaming, bleeding child as she runs crying into the bathroom after her tooth falls out, some viewers weren’t entertained.

With questions raised about whether the scripted supposed humor went too far, YouTube nixed ToyFreaks, much to the glee of outraged viewers and angry parents. YouTube listened, and they’ve decided to ban the channel.


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