Keeping kids safe online is major priority for lots of parents parents, and now YouTube Kids has given parents much more peace of mind about what their kids watch online. The new YouTube Kids updated parental controls put the reigns completely in your hands.

YouTube Kids just rolled out a new feature that gives parents complete control over what their kids can watch on the app. Rather than focusing on filtering out content that parents don’t want their kids to watch, these new tools allow parents to choose exactly what they can watch and nothing more. It’s a simple reversal of thinking that makes it so much easier for parents.

Through the app’s settings parents can choose to set their kid’s profiles to “approved content only.” They can then build a whitelist of approved channels and videos for their kids to watch. When kids log on to the app they will only be able to access the content on the whitelist. They also won’t be able to use the search function when this mode is enabled.

YouTube Kids has also rolled out another feature to help distinguish between “Older” and “Younger” users—finally. What’s suitable for a five-year-old might be very different from what you’d allow your 12-year-old to watch, and vice versa. YouTube Kids will automatically default to the “Younger” setting, but parents have the option to adjust it to “Older,” which is meant to be tailored to kids ages eight to 12. The “Older” setting will include content not featured for the “Younger” group, like popular music and gaming videos.

These new features are definitely a significant and helpful change that will allow parents to feel more secure about letting their kids use the app.


—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: via Pexels



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