Your kids love cookies, but there’s nothing to love about finding the empty cookie packages (not to mention crumbs) all over your kitchen. We’ve got an easy solution for you: a cute cookie jar. These 10 adorable cookie jars will add some creative flair to your kitchen counter and make the little cookie monsters (or big ones) in your life oh-so-happy.

Star Wars 
Any Star Wars fan will love this R2D2 cookie jar. The handmade jar is made with lead-free glaze and it’s dishwasher safe. We’re sold. $50 via Lenny Mud, Etsy. 


Cookie Monster Cookie Jar
Of course, our first pick is the Cookie Monster cookie jar. Your kids won’t be able to resist cookies from the Monster himself. It’s hand painted too, adding a personal touch that you can’t find at a department store. $54.99, Ceramics by Kimi on Etsy.

Ernie Cookie Jar
Add to your Sesame Street cookie jar collection with the Ernie cookie jar. This handcrafted jar boasts a food safe clear glaze on the inside. $50 via Kimi Turner-Graves on Etsy. 


Darjeeling Cookie Jar
This adorable elephant jar is not only a kid favorite, but also a sophisticated and eye-catching decoration for your kitchen. Plus, it’s made out of white-glazed brown stoneware by fair-trade artisans in Peru–a purchase you can feel good about. $168.00, Jonathan Adler.

Personalized Cookie Jar
This cookie jar is truly unique–send the artist a picture of your home, and she’ll sketch it onto your handmade jar. You definitely won’t find anything else like it! $95.00, Emerald Forest Pottery on Etsy.

Wide-Eyed Cookie Jar
There are lots of owl cookie jars out there, but this one is our favorite for its understated sophistication and wide-eyed whimsy. Plus, the subtle color combination will look great in pretty much any kitchen. $88.00, Anthropologie.

Dinosaur Cookie Jar
Your little paleontologists will love sneaking cookies from this adorable dinosaur. Plus, it’ll give your kitchen a touch of vintage-inspired flair. $95.00, Ruby Lane.

Little Helpers Cookie Jar
This little guy is a fun twist on those old garden gnomes. With his shiny gold hat, he’ll be a modern and clever addition to your kitchen. $55.00, Cursive New York.

Eiffel Tower Cookie Jar
Maybe the kids are too young for a trip to Paris, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach them about the City of Lights. They’ll be saying “Oui, more cookies!” in no time. $34.00, Urban Outfitters.

Ice Cream Cone Cookie Jar
This handmade jar combines your kids’ favorite foods–ice cream and cookies. They’ll find it hard to resist the pretty swirls and colorful sprinkles! $65.00, In a Glaze on Etsy.

Polka Dot Cookie Jar
You and your kid will both love this cute polka dot jar. It’s the perfect size for little hands to grab, and it’ll add a funky touch to your kitchen–a win-win situation. $52.00, In a Glaze on Etsy.

Monster-Sized Cookie Jar
Aside from holding tons of cookies, this “monster” jar has a spooky but beautiful look. Maybe it won’t scare the kids away from eating some treats, but it’ll sure look great in your kitchen! $82.00, KB Originals etc. on Etsy.

Cupcake Canister
If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, this cupcake canister is the perfect fit. Put yummy candies and bite-size treats inside the vintage-inspired ceramic canister. $25.00, Texas Ceramics on Etsy.

Which one of these is your favorite? 

— Susie Foresman