Days as a parent bounce between counting the days until your child is moved out to clinging to every precious moment you can. We all dread the thought of our kids no longer needing us. But when does that day finally arrive? Here are 10 bittersweet signs your little one may not need you as much as they used to.

1. They Apologize Sincerely

There are many benefits to apologizing. A sign of maturity is losing the need to always be right. Being comfortable with admitting that they were wrong means they have the wisdom to know that no one can always be right.

2. They Take Care of Their Own Appointments

Possibly the simplest of cues letting you know your child has matured is that they make and follow through with appointments on their own. This simple gesture shows they can think ahead, make preparations for themselves and stick to a plan.

3. They’re Developing Themselves

Educating your children is one of the most important duties that a parent has. Your child acquiring the ability to teach themselves new skills and knowledge without feeling encumbered with stress is a positive step to self-sufficiency.

4. They Can Take the Blame

Every parent has seen their child quickly try to shove off the blame somewhere else to save their own neck. Growing out of this habit and acquiring the ability to take responsibility head-on is a firm step into adulthood.

5. They Can Stick to a Budget

The ability to make and stick to a budget is an essential skill every adult must learn in order to care for themselves. Your child displaying these skills means they’re moving in the right direction towards financial stability.

6. They Show Some Grit

The world can be a tough place. Being an adult means you no longer sit around and wait for things to be handed to you. Showing the resolve, courage, and strength of character to get what they want themselves is a strong sign they can make it on their own.

7. They Can Cook

In a world of Doordash and Uber Eats it’s all too easy for young adults to pass on this skill, but ordering the easy way out isn’t always going to be an option. Knowing basic cooking skills is another hint that your child is ready to be a full-fledged adult.

8. They Ask for Help

Although this one may seem counterintuitive – adulthood isn’t always about being independent. Realizing others may know more than you and not being afraid to utilize their skills is a trait that can help your child succeed when they feel lost.

9. They Empathize

Empathy is a fundamental part of human interaction that can help your child succeed socially and in the workplace. Shedding their self-centered ways is a powerful hint that they’re growing into an emotionally mature person.

10. They Help You More Than You Help Them

Parents are often familiar with the random phone calls asking for help from how to start the washing machine to how many minutes they should let the pasta boil. There may come a time where this dynamic shifts and you find yourself making the calls for help with your new iPad or yard work you just don’t have the energy for. This change is the biggest sign that they’ve grown into a caring an independent person.

Whether dreaded or welcomed, there comes a time when your child will no longer need you in the same way they used to. One important thing to remember in this journey is that these signs of development in your child’s life don’t indicate your redundancy but instead represent your success as a parent.