Even the best laid plans sometimes fail. It’s life. But more important than being a sour-puss, what will you do when life hands you lemons? Maybe you’re not going to make lemonade, but something is likely to get in the way of your busy summer plans. Here are some simple, everyday items you can keep in your car (or handy around the house) for those days when everything goes wrong and you feel like you should’ve stayed in bed:

1.  Extra water to keep hydrated – Prevention is the key. Snacks or travel food like granola bars are a nice extra too.

2.  Change of clothes and/or shoes – because an umbrella isn’t always enough.

3.  Bathing suit and towel – for unexpected swimming!

4.  Deck of cards – endless games, even math practice (add, subtract or multiply numbers).

5.  Crayons and paper – fit perfectly in glove box or purse and easy/free to share.

6.  Cell phone charger for the car – what’s a car lighter anyway?

7.  Blanket – never know when you’ll need it on a chilly night or for a quick beach blanket.

8.  Aloe vera gel (maybe with Lidocaine) – for when you forget to reapply the sunscreen.

9.  Benadryl (or other antihistamine) – for unexpected itchy moments because you forgot the bug spray!

10. Credit card for emergencies – which is why they are called emergencies (not sales!).

Sure, there are other obvious products to keep handy at this time of year, like an umbrella, bug spray and sunscreen, but I am expecting you’ve got a few things going already. Naturally, you’ve read up on the local happenings, planned stuff for the dog days of summer and shared the duty of making this summer great for the kids with other responsible adults in your family. Pack an emergency bag (or backpack from last school year) to keep with the kids. Include any medication or epi-pens, extra stuff you think you need, etc. Be safe, have fun and hope you never need the stuff, but it’s there when you do!


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