As the school year winds down, it’s always an exciting time for kids to get their yearbooks and pore over all the pictures and memories from the past year. The quotes and pictures can leave a long-lasting impression and for the kids in these hilarious yearbook entries, it’s one their friends will be laughing at until the reunion.

1. Mom knows best.

photo: CavalEAR/ Reddit

2. After 12 years you just can’t take it anymore.

photo: Joseph Tam/ Twitter

3. Separated at yearbook.

photo: Fis4Fantastic/ Reddit

4. Life goals.

photo: Troyler Slay Me/ Tumblr

5. Wiser words…

photo: Smosh

6. When you ignore mom’s advice, you have to live with the consequences forever.

photo: Diply

7. Star Wars, so many classic quotes to choose from.

photo: ThoughtCo.

8. Well played, sirs, well played.

photo: Cheezburger

9. Keeping it real.

photo: ToughtCo.

10. Teachers have a sense of humor too.

photo: pararamirez/ Instagram

Did you leave a unique impression in your own yearbook? Share the laughs in the comments.