Celebrating a new baby is fun! We all love the adorably tiny clothes, the cuddly toys and soft blankets that make up our typical gifts for new moms and dads. While babies do need some things—clothing, diapers, car seats, for example—they need much less than they often get.

As a new parent, all the new stuff can be overwhelming and portions of it often end up unused. Babies grow quickly and can only wear so many outfits—and seasoned parents will tell you that the easy clothes quickly become the favorites. (Hello, zippered sleepers!) If you want to give a practical gift that will not only be used, but deeply appreciated, consider one of the following options for the new parents-to-be.

1. Car trash can, car cleaning kit, or car wash and detail coupons

Kids are messy. Kids in confined spaces? Even messier! Trust me when I tell you that any parent would appreciate having their car cleaned or having a place to throw all the empty snack wrappers or those tiny broken toy pieces (that make our vehicles look like the neighborhood dump).

2. Really nice towels

This one might sound silly, but hear me out: Once you have kids, luxury quickly becomes a thing of the past. Dining at fancy restaurants no longer happens, furniture becomes a catch all for crumbs and books and random tiny socks, and anything white might as well just get thrown right into the trash. Why not bring a little bit of luxury into the home for mom and dad? A nice big, soft towel after a hot shower might be the only nice thing they do for themselves all day.

3. Magazine subscription

It is so easy to lose yourself in the parenting role. Often, parents’ other hobbies and interests get thrown by the wayside. Why not give them a little reminder of something they love, or something that will allow them to enjoy a little non-kid related time once a month? Cooking magazines, hobby magazines like crafting or woodworking, or even travel magazines would be great choices. Just make sure to pick something in which mom or dad will truly be interested!

4. Hire a dog walker, or give them a rover.com gift card

This one is a big deal for the pet parents out there. They don’t want to neglect their fur babies and anything that provides an extra hand is helpful and thoughtful!

5. Hotel gift card with room service

This one is basically the gift of sleep. And let’s be honest: For parents, what better gift is there? This one goes a step beyond babysitting as it gets them out of the house so they don’t have to cook or do laundry.

6. Tree or plant to commemorate their child’s birth (low care!)

This is a sweet reminder that will stay with them! Just be sure to choose something low-maintenance they can enjoy. If you choose a potted plant or tree that will require some initial care, offer to help with that part until it gets established.

7. In home massage or spa basket

It gets hard to leave the house, especially for nursing moms. Hire an in-home masseuse and offer your babysitting services to really pamper mom and dad. If massage isn’t their thing, a spa basket with bath salts and a book with short stories would be another way to encourage some relaxation.

8. Pajamas and linen spray

Going back to the idea of luxury, new pajamas and linen spray allow the new parents to take care of themselves a bit during a season when self-care is largely neglected.

9. Paper products

Paper towels, paper plates, napkins—anything that makes clean up after meals quick and easy. They won’t want to waste their time loading a dishwasher when they could be snuggling their new baby. Be sure to grab recycled products for the environmentally-conscious.

10. House cleaning service

Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t love this gift? Finding the time and energy to wipe down baseboards and dust furniture just isn’t going to happen when you’re sleep-deprived and focusing on your new addition. Grab a gift certificate for cleaning services and let mom or dad schedule when it’s convenient for them.

What creative or unique practical gifts would you add to this list for new parents?

Featured Photo Courtesy: Tesa Photography via Pixabay
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