We’ve all heard the expression that kids say the darnedest things. Well they ask some pretty crazy questions too. Here are ten questions my daughter has asked me at one time or another that I was not quite prepared to answer.

Doubtful Woman holding Question Mark

1. What’s an abortion? (Thank you, NPR)

2. What if we had no heads? (I don’t know, but sometimes I feel like I’m missing my brain.)

3. Why can’t I see God from the airplane? (I’ve got nothing.)

4. Why didn’t Santa Claus come to our house last year? Is it because we’re Jewish? (Oh look, a shiny object!)

5. What’s inside that box labeled Romeo (the deceased family dog) in the keepsake cabinet? (His spirit?)

6. Why won’t Siri answer my question? (Don’t get me started on Siri!)

7. How did the baby get inside that lady’s tummy (shouted from inside a crowded pizza restaurant)? (Have some dessert!)

8. Why can’t I pee standing up like boys? (I don’t know, but some boys shouldn’t be standing up either.)

9. Why is poop brown? (Google it!)

10. Why can’t I hang out with grandma by myself? (Because she has … “issues”)

What questions have your kids asked that you weren’t prepared to answer? What should we add to this list?

— Leah R. Singer