10 Reasons Single Motherhood Rocks!

Pleasing kids is hard. Pleasing a spouse is sometimes harder. Having one less person to take care of kind of has its benefits.


Want to watch that romantic drama and sob to a glass of red wine? Go ahead. Nobody stopping you there (or rolling their eyes)!


Less. Laundry.


Less. Dishes.


All the closet space to yourselllllllf. And bathroom real estate, for that matter.


Finding yourself again. Remember back in college when you were that hot, sexy, carefree girl? Well, the longer you find yourself single, the more you realize that she’s still there. She’s just a woman now ;)


Becoming stronger than you ever thought possible. Playing both mommy and daddy is no easy task but you do it because you have to. I Don’t Know How She Does It was written for you. Conference calls, ballet lessons, boy scouts, PTA, homework, puberty…..you got this. And despite feeling frazzled and alone you are Super Woman to the rest of the world.


Getting to have first dates again. You forget how awesome it was to be wooed until you find yourself single again and, chances are, going out feels like being pampered anyway. Add a cute guy and a nice dinner that is not being interrupted and it practically feels like you’re on cloud nine! Not to mention first kisses….


Those small triumphant moments when you accomplish something that you would’ve likely handed off for your spouse to take care of. You just assembled that Ikea bunk bed that you’ve been dreading for weeks and it’s NOT leaning?? A happy dance in your yoga pants followed by a glass of wine is not all you get for your accomplishment. You get the sudden realization that you’ve been underestimating yourself for a long time now but you’ve always been able to do it. The little things add up and the confidence that might have been broken down over the years slowly starts peeking her head over the horizon and shining down on you and all your awesome glories.


The first of many times that you’ll see your struggles recognized by the babies that you’ve fought so hard for. They might be much older before this happens but one day you’ll get a card with a heart-wrenching letter of admiration inside. Or you’ll overhear your kids talking and one will say “I want to be like Mom”. Or you’ll see on their homework where they were asked “Who is the strongest person you know?” and it will be answered “My MOM”. Period. There will be a day when your kids will get how hard it is and they will realize that you are the Super Woman the rest of the world always knew you were. And that, makes every bit worth it.