We are young. We are cool. We are digitally savvy who grew up surfing internet and playing games online. We know how to juggle among our jobs, our family, our smartphone and still take care of our kids. Texting might be our mode of communication or Facebook might be our way to socialize, but we are changing the definition of parenting. We are nowhere behind in the league of Y-Generation.We are the millennial moms.And trust us that we, the new moms, have totally owned the game with our unique style of being protective and open-minded at the same time. Are you a millennial mom too?

Here are 10 signs you’re a Millennial mom too.

Signs you are millennial mom

  1. If you are a millennial mom then your pregnancy announcement is incomplete if it does not go as your Official Facebook status.

Signs you are a millennial mom

2. Instead of picking up classic pregnancy books like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” being a millennial mom you prefer to be a part of all “Moms Groups” for getting expert’s advice.

Mom Groups_millennial moms

3.A big NO to artificial sweeteners for your baby. Only gluten-free, organic, GMO-free food should fill you refrigerator and cupboards.

Organic Good_Millennial Mom

4. You may run a blog dedicated to your loves or work a 9-to-5 office job, but either way, it is all about your career. You had your child early so you could stay one step ahead of the game.

Career_millennial mom

5. Your Instagram has already become your child’s Instagram. Millennial Moms make sure that their kids are at the top in the news feed of her friends.Your babies are already online!

Signs you are a millennial mom

6. All your styles are inspired from Etsy, Netflix and Pinterest. Style is your top priority.

style_millennial mom

7. You are a fun mom, not an ordinary mom.

signs you are a millennial mom

8. Millennial Mom’s kid birthday parties are real-life versions of your Pinterest Board.

Signs you are a millennial mom

9. Your kids are already iPhone and tablet experts, even before they learn how to walk.  Millennial moms are tech savvy, so naturally, their kids are too. 

signs you are a millennial moms

10. You know the lyrics of “Let it Go” better than your kids.

Signs You are a millennial mom

No matter if you are a cool mom or just like your own mother, motherhood is the most incredible journey of all.

millennial mom

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