Now that you’re a parent your life is jam packed with exciting adventures at every turn. Who knew life with kids would be so liberating and free! One minute you’re the super mom at the PTA meeting and the next you’re flying the friendly skies for an impromptu romantic dinner …in Paris.


Me either.

Face it, parenting is not a glamorous job, but you can discover joy in the little things. Find yours and take comfort in them. Here are ten to get you thinking in the right direction.

1. Showering Alone.  If you’ve ever experienced the brutal eye burn from an extra volumizing shampoo because your little one chose to abruptly shut down your H2O source mid rinse, you’re with me on this one.

2. Grocery Shopping Alone. I long for the days of the casual stroll down the aisles at Kroger. The freedom of perusing the deli section sans negotiation with your 4-year-old is unparalleled. The “Just One Thing” Policy always snowballs into a buggy of overpriced snacks and fruit smoothies in plastic bottles with cartoon characters on the tops.

3. Stain Removal. I know what you may be thinking non parents, but, say what you will, removing a vicious tomato sauce stain from a white garment is an art form.

4. Finding the Other Sock. Ah, the Olympics of Motherhood. When you can hear the trumpets from the “Rocky” theme song …Thirty minutes of towel folding, T-shirt tucking, and careful sorting have led to this moment. Every. Sock. Has. A. Match. It is a rare Oprah moment of parenting. You get a pair! and You get a pair! and You get a pair!

5. Watching an Episode of Insert Your TV Show Here Uninterrupted. No knocks, no notes or hands sliding under your door. Just you + DVR =Happiness.


6. Doing My “Business” Alone. I am indeed referring to the loo.  My bladder needs a support group after three kids. Now that I am over 40 I find I’m less of a party girl and more of a potty girl.  So, I’ll skip Coachella and take some privacy in the powder room thankyouverymuch.

7. Silence.  When the soundtrack of your life predominately consists of crying and demands for McDonald’s chicken nuggets and FroYo, a pinch of nothing now and then is downright blissful. Hey, it worked out great for Jerry Seinfeld so don’t judge me.

8. Not Listening to Kids Bop. There. I said it. I do like listening to the original version of.…every song they change. Sometimes I sing along. I may even open the sunroof if I’m feeling dangerous. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

9. Hanging Out with My Mom Tribe (who have quit the mompetition). Why do I want surround myself with quitters? Because having forced convos with one-upping mothers whose kids did everything ahead of schedule and in Mandarin makes me want to rip my toenails out. Give me a latte and a fellow non-competitor to commiserate with and I’m all good.

10. Leftovers. The buzz kill of my childhood is now an exciting game changer. Nothing could ruin my day more as a kid than when my Mother announced that last night’s meat loaf would be making a repeat performance. Now I get downright giddy when I come to the conclusion that yes…we have enough for tomorrow night.

What about you? What do you find to be thrilling now that your a parent? Let me know what I’m missing in the comments!

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