It’s really amazing how much kids can accomplish in less than five minutes. If it wasn’t so difficult to clean up, it would actually be pretty impressive that the kids in these pics managed to make messes this big in the few moments their parents had their backs turned. If only kids would put this much effort into clean-up time.

What marker spots?

photo: hannah_on_ww via Instagram

What else would you mop the floor with?

photo: alan_grace via Instagram

A young artist needs a canvas.

photo: Je Suis Lorrain Facebook page

Mascara: not just for eyelashes.

photo: JenniferRoseBrewer via Instagram

Bubble busted.

photo: LongTimeLesbianLurker via Imugr

Honey, have you seen the Sharpie?

photo: Je Suis Lorraine Facebook page

Just prepping for cold and flu season.

photo: afoley1985 via Instagram

Making a mess is exhausting.

photo: sergios77 via Instagram

Just a little redecorating.

photo: adroppfpaint via Instagram

At least it’s in the tub.

photo: Je Suis Lorraine Facebook page

What’s the biggest mess your kids have ever made? Share your stories and pics in the comments below.